Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday!

Today, May 6th, is Election Day in Ohio. It is critical that we get as many Conservatives to the polls so that we can get candidates worthy of our vote into the general election in November. Please remember to vote.

To find your polling location, click here and enter your full first and last name and the county in which you live. Once you hit the search button, your name as it appears at the Board of Elections should appear. Click on your name and you will be shown your polling location.

If you still need to research the candidates, here are a few voter guide links from the Ohio Christian Alliance:

§  Sawicki – Hambley Race

§  Lynch – Joyce Race

§  Davenport – LaRose Race

§  Congressional Primary Candidates

The key to getting good conservatives elected is making sure we get liberty-minded people to the polls. Here are some ideas of how you can help do that.

§  Send e-mails to your like-minded friends and family, reminding them to vote. Supply them with voter guides, so they can identify who are the true conservatives.

§  If you have friends who are more homebound, call them and offer to take them to the polls.

§  Post on Facebook or tweet the important of voting in primaries. (See this article.) Share voter guides on social media.

Thank you to Medina Tea Party Patriots for this information - some minor changes have been made.