Chapter Jackson brings message of welfare reform to California – Washington Times

FYI – The video is a little vulgar but it makes a larger point of the problems associated with welfare.  While everyone is having a hissy fit over what now appear to be edited remarks by Clive Bundy, they are missing the larger point he was clumsily trying to make.  Maybe this video and article will explain things a little better.

Unfortunately the  way the laws are currently written, welfare in the end helps no one and you do become part of the government plantation.  Find it offensive that I used the term plantation?  Oh well, the truth hurts.  Millions of Americans of all races are being hurt and held back because of these policies.  What was intended to help people out of a bind has become a lifestyle for to many people and generations. In fact to be specific it has decimated the family in far to many communities but especially the black community.

Those who try to get out of it are confronted with a hard fact – it is expensive and hard to live in this country.  When you attempt to get off of the social programs, social workers try to stop you or it takes forever to get off of them.  I have known people who go in to get off of the programs and are told they have to take 1-2 more months of food stamps because it takes that long to process the application. The best one was when they went in to not only get off food stamps but Medicaid.  They provided proof of insurance and was told that their kids had to stay on Medicaid for at least 1 more year in case they lost their job.  Are you kidding me! Along with a myriad of other ways they make it incredibly difficult to leave the system.  It is no wonder the taxpayer is fed up and the perpetually lazy don’t want to give it up.

Something has to be done and unfortunately the best way is to just cut the fund off and make people go cold turkey.  Oh yes I know what you will say next – What about the children?  Guess what, the parents will get a job to feed their kids – even those “jobs that Americans won’t do” suddenly become palatable when you need to feed your kids.

Just remember progressives have been using the line about children for over 100 years and while there was a time that this might have been a valid argument, today we have many laws that will protect children from forced child labor and abusive homes.  It is time to force adults to accept personal responsibility and bring back to the local level the concept of helping ones neighbors. The War on Poverty has failed, lets return taxpayer money back to the taxpayer who can invest and donate it better than the federal government.

Chapter Jackson brings message of welfare reform to California