State legislator announces support for HB237 – Action Alert

From Medina Tea Party Patriots:

Last week Dave Hall was interviewed by the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s editorial board to see whether they would endorse his candidacy. When Hall explained to them that he was against the implementation of Common Core in Ohio schools his chance of getting their endorsement was diminished significantly. In fact, Representative Hall says that he is working with Representative Andy Thompson, the author of HB 237, to push the legislation through the House. HB 237 is the bill that would halt the implementation of the Common Core academic standards and prohibit the state from using PARRC assessments or any other assessments connected with Common Core. Thompson, along with thirteen co-sponsors, introduced the bill in early August of last year.


Please contact Representative Hall and thank him for his decision to stand with Representative Thompson to fight for our children’s future.


Ohio Representative Dave Hall

Phone: (614) 466-2994



Hall has a primary challenger, Tom Lavinder. On Monday, Lavinder participated in the Ashland Chamber of Commerce “Meet the Candidate Night” where he seemed to indicate to the crowd that he supports Common Core. However, his FaceBook page is a little less direct:


“High stakes testing is out of control and it is taking away from our ability to provide a well rounded education for our children. Unfortunately somewhere along the road to developing higher education standards we fell in love with testing to the point where it is detrimental to everyone in education. Changes definitely need to be made at the state and local level to revise/phase out Common Core and this is where I feel my background and communication with education officials will come in handy in Columbus. This process must take place with all stakeholders participating and working towards a final goal rather than “throwing out the baby with the bath water.””


Common Core brainstorming session

Tomorrow, April 26th, there will be a meeting to brainstorm ideas about how best to fight back against the implementation of the Common Core Curriculum in our state. This is not an informational meeting about what Common Core is and what its deficiencies are. It is for people that are knowledgeable about the subject and want to share ideas and take action. The purpose of this meeting is to leave with a concrete action plan on how to have Common Core removed from Ohio schools.


Ohio State School Board member Sarah Fowler and Eagle Forum member Melanie Elsie will be there to give updates from around the state and Eagle Forum member Bob Lattimer will be discussing CCC science standards.


If you plan to attend, please RSVP to Marianne Gasiecki at with “No to CCS” in the subject line.


What: Common Core Brainstorming Session

Where: Ontario Branch of the Mansfield Public Library, 2221 Village Mall Drive, Ontario, OH 44906

When: Saturday, April 26th, 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (bring a sack lunch)