ORP continues its war on Conservatives

From Medina Tea Party Patriots:

We all remember the push by all of the real grassroots Conservatives to get Tom Zawistowski elected as the chairman of the Ohio Republican Party. Those that didn’t support Tom were exposed as the people more interested in supporting Republican Party politics than in conservative principles. The ramifications of having Matt Borges, a lapdog for Governor Kasich, as the ORP chairman is now becoming clear.


Why were Representatives John Becker, Ron Hood, and Ron Maag denied endorsement by the ORP? The answer depends on who you ask. When Chairman Matt Borges was asked, he admitted to reporters that the three representatives did not receive the party endorsement, but then claimed that he did not know why. However, that same day a reporter from the Cincinnati Enquirer cited an anonymous source that said that the endorsements were not given because the three men did not support the unity of the Republican Party (Click here). In other words, all three representatives pushed back against the governor’s efforts to implement Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion. Unfortunately, because of weak-kneed legislators like Speaker Batchelder, who caved to the governor’s demands, Becker, Hood and Maag were unsuccessful at keeping Medicaid expansion from happening.


It appears that our elected representatives in the Central Committee have once again failed to represent those who elected them. They have caved to the governor and to those in charge of the Ohio Republican Party, rubber-stamping whoever the party told them to endorse instead of standing up for conservative principles.