School Choice

Common Core has united people across the country and across social, racial and political lines because we see that it will not improve education but instead cause it to decline further.  So what is a parent to do?  Some people have the option of sending their kids to private schools but others do not have that option because of a variety of reasons – job, finance or number of children in the family.  Increasingly more and more people are looking at alternative forms of schools such as charter schools or homeschooling.

For those that cannot homeschool their children (which anymore seems to be the ideal situation) there has been an increased interest in charter schools.  Personally I have no problem with alternative forms of schools such as charter schools so long as they are succeeding to educate our children at a level that is higher than the public schools. After all that is what their advertising is based on.  I also understand that charter schools are to a certain degree private entities and a business but many if not most charter schools receive public funds to help them keep the doors open.  As such, I do believe that those charter schools that receive public monies  must be held accountable to the people of their community and state. There is no disputing this statement, it is what our Founding Fathers would call a self evident truth: if you receive public monies you must be held accountable for the proper disbursement of those monies.

Not all charter schools believe this to be true.  Below are a series of articles that should make your blood boil and while this articles are concentrated on schools in Cleveland, Ohio make no mistake if it is happening there, it is happening in other places.  I cannot emphasize this enough!  Alternative forms of schooling are wonderful and should be encouraged but if they are to receive tax money they need to be accountable not just to the parents of the children who attend but to all taxpayers.  Documentation of how every tax dollar is spent must be presented to the people and their representatives before any school can receive additional dollars.  As well, I think it is important to understand who is behind Charter schools because they may very well be behind Common Core and if that is not working in our public schools why in the world would it work in charter schools.

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