Illegals – Employers Should Pay for Their Services

“Not only should employers of illegal aliens be responsible for their employees’ becoming public charges, but they ought to be legally responsible for any crimes their illegal workers commit, just as parents can be for the crimes of their minor children, and bars can be for the behavior of their over-served customers.”

I agree 100% with this comment by Ann Coulter in her latest column for Human Events. But this doesn’t just apply to farmers, it applies to any and all businesses that employee illegals instead of Americans.  Instead of relying on cheap labor from other countries, these employers should be demanding that welfare be eliminated for everyone so that people in this country can have jobs but also so that the cost associated with illegals can go away and reduced taxes and cost across a spectrum of industries can occur.  While I have no problem with making money, I have a problem with propping up the very people who are profiting handsomely from the employment of illegals.

Oh and don’t give me that tired old “Americans won’t do the jobs that illegals will do” nonsense.  You take away their welfare and food stamps and they will by God get out there and do those jobs. You may go through an enormous turnover initially but in the end you will have good employees and save the rest of us from the crime, overpopulation, high cost for goods and taxes to name just a few that are associated with the influx of illegals.  I like everyone else is sick of “Press 1 for English” buck up and realize that without borders, culture and language we cease to be a viable society based on freedom and liberty for all.