Common Core Math – Yes Its A Joke!

The below video is emblematic of what is happening in homes across the country.  Common Core has taken math to a whole other level – the level of nuttiness.  Math problems that use to be solved in 10 seconds or less with one step now take 5-10 steps to solve.

Of course Common Core proponents think we who oppose Common Core are nuts and just don’t understand the complicated world of education and the standards and rigor that needs to be implemented to be the best in the world.  Funny when this country actually did things in a much simpler way, we are ahead of the curve globally and were the strongest and most powerful nation on earth.  Now with all the “new” advancements in teaching we are lagging behind the rest of the world.  That’s progressivism for you and that is what Common Core is – progressivism.


2 thoughts on “Common Core Math – Yes Its A Joke!

  1. I just got sent the entire 92 pages for Ohio and was told to read it and then I would understand why Common Core is such a great program! NOT! The teacher in Illinois in math is the daughter of a sister. Think a battle is brewing and it won’t be pretty!

    • I think you could send her this video along with the letter from a parent who appeared on Glenn Beck’s program to start your battle. Obviously she thinks you haven’t read anything. You might want to send her the teacher’s manual on Common Core from NY and then ask her why a teacher who has just gotten done with 5 years of schooling needs a manual with fourteen hundred plus pages to tell them how to teach 3rd grade math. Or better yet why does a teacher with 5, 10, 15, 20 years of experience need to be retaught how to teach math? On top of that they cannot deviate from it at all. We just went through something similar in our house over a math homework assignment sent home regarding probability – Are you kidding me??? These kids are just learning multiplication and you want them to learn probability and then fractions when they haven’t even learned division. Give me a break!

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