Common Core Event – Tonight!

From Mansfield Tea Party Patriots:

As more and more people become aware of the pitfalls and crony capitalism associated with Common Core, the financial beneficiaries of this scam are beginning to scramble.  We’ve all seen the recent ads of teachers praising Common Core, although I have yet to meet one.
Bill Gates has spent $2.3 Billion (that’s with a “B”) in his push to nationalize education through the Common Core Standards, by issuing grants to anyone from teacher organizations to state departments of education (Click here to read more).  He is also funding the US Dept. of Education (click here to read the research done by a teacher).
Do you wonder why the US Chamber of Commerce supports CCS?  Maybe it’s because the Gates Foundation gave them almost $1.4 million to promote it (Read Here).
Common Core Standards have nothing to do with improving the education of our children, and everything to do with big corporate crony capitalism.
Recent studies show that the implementation of CCS will have little to no impact on our children’s achievement (Read more), in fact, the state of Ohio’s reading performance has DROPPED since the implementation of CCS, dramatically in some districts.
The SAT, and eventually the ACT, are being redesigned because kids educated through the Common Core curriculum will not be able to pass the exam.  Yes, the SAT and ACT are dumbing down to accommodate CCS.
Marianne Gasecki will be giving a presentation regarding Common Core to the Richland County Republican Women.  These meetings are open to the public (men and women), and you are welcome to attend.

WHEN:   Tonight (Tuesday the 25th) at 7:00 p.m.
WHERE: The Waterford
                1296 S. Trimble Rd.
Hope to see you there!