Common Core Facts

Thanks to the OSBLC  for this list of facts.

CC Facts

  • There are 30 states with pending legislation to repeal or delay Common Core
  • 6 states have withdrawn from PARCC and 5 from Smarter Balanced
  • New York is the latest state to delay the standards (5 year delay)
  • Kentucky is the latest to withdraw from PARCC (just two weeks ago)
  • Buffalo Education Assoc is the largest and perhaps only union group to speak against the standards
  • Only 30-35% of kids passed the new common core aligned assessments in KY and NY in 2013
  • ACT and SAT are being aligned with the core standards as well
  • 5 of the 29 members on the common core validation committee voted not to adopt the standards
  • 550 New York principals signed a letter in October 2013 outlining over 15 problems associated with the assessments
  • Gallup poll from Aug 2013 showed that 62% of the 1,001 polled had never heard of Common Core