VA Healthcare Scandal

Newt Gingrich writes a compelling article (seen below) on the scandal brewing in the Department of Veteran’s Affairs regarding healthcare.  But this is not a new issue as the VA has had an atrocious record for some time.  My Uncle was fortunate enough to have health insurance but he also believed in the VA system as well and would use that before he would use a regular doctor.  It frustrated my Aunt to no end because he would wait for appointments, glasses, diagnoses,  etc and he shouldn’t have had to as a disabled veteran. However, my Uncle felt compelled to participate in the VA system for a variety of reasons not least of which he was a veteran and he sent other veterans to the VA for medical help when there was no where else they could go.

I have long heard the horrors of the VA system and Americans across the country would do well to pay attention to this story because it is what will happen if and when we see our healthcare system collapse under the weight of Obamacare as the Progressives hope will happen, and we will see the same inefficient healthcare system thrust upon the rest of the nation in the form of single payer.  Single payer will have devastating effects on this country but what everyone is missing in this argument is that single payer will collapse on itself in this country quicker than Obamacare is collapsing now – maybe this is the wake up call people need to realize that Progressive policies are dangerous to your liberty.

Corruption at the VA by Newt Gingrich:

Obamacare so far has been a disaster of incompetence, with the federal government bungling critical parts of the implementation. This experience hasn’t shaken the left’s confidence in big government bureaucracy, however. Many liberals believe Obamacare is failing because the government takeover didn’t go far enough. What we really need, they explain, is a single-payer system–one run entirely by the bureaucrats.

Anyone tempted to experiment further with government-run health care should pay close attention to the reports of outrageous behavior at another federal bureaucracy in the business of providing medical care, the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Daily Caller revealed audio recordings this week showing that VA employees in Los Angeles willfully destroyed patient medical records in order to eliminate their atrocious backlog.

“We just didn’t have the resources to conduct all of those exams,” a whistleblower told the Caller. “Basically we would get about 3,000 requests a month for [medical] exams, but in a 30-day period we only had the resources to do about 800. That rolls over to the next month and creates a backlog.”

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