Narcissist Nope – Psychotic Now!

Proof positive that narcissism has been replaced by psychosis.  Since when has this adminsitration ever focused on efforts to reduce cancer deaths caused by tobacco?  Excuse me but the President is a smoker and has been one for years.  Well he claims he was a smoker and  that he does not smoke anymore but honestly who really believes him.  He lies so much he doesn’t know what the truth is anymore but that is for another post.  Well many more posts.  Well actually too many posts to count but I digress.

We have known for some time that it has to be about Obama and only about Obama all the time.  So it is  nothing new that he would put out a statement proclaiming how much CVS pulling cigarettes from their shelves will help him and his administration.  Really?  I mean REALLY?  Since when has his administration focuses on tobacco causing cancer deaths?  I suppose it was around the time he was focusing like a laser on jobs or the financial health of this country. Wait a minute he hasn’t done those things either so one can only conclude that he has had a serious mental break that is devolving into full blown psychosis. What’s next?  Well it could mean commitment to a mental institution but I doubt that is the way it would go.  Instead he is probably going to proclaim that he no longer has to follow the Constitution and therefore he can rule indefinitely.  Will it be then that the liberals and sheep in this country will realize that he is a dangerous man with dangerous friends bent on wrecking havoc on this country? hmmmm……..

Wait a minute he already has said he can go around Congress if they don’t do what he wants them to do and the Democrats of the Congress are letting him get away with this so it appears that US domination by Obama is only a matter of time.  Maybe I am having a mental break? hmmmm……….  But the evidence doesn’t support me having a mental break so one can conclude that Obama has gone too far with his imperial presidency and his own sense of self.  The man needs serious help so lets help him out by throwing out the Democrats in the general election of 2014 but first lets throw out the RINOS in the primaries and elect good solid conservatives so when the general election comes around we can have a veto proof majority in both houses and get on with the business of being the United States of America.

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