State of the Union: Inequality of Power

Dear America,

 Here’s the real story of inequality in America, not the yarn spun during the State of the Union Address. America’s real inequality gap is between the powerful elites in Washington DC and the American people.

 This is not just about the NSA warrentless spying on American citizens which violates the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constituiton. This is about the President of the United States going on national TV to announce that he is going to ditch the checks and balances on his executive power, do an end-run around our elected representatives in Congress, and push through a power-grabbing agenda with his “pen” and his “phone.” How incredibly un-American and insulting not only to the people of this country but to past Presidents who played by the rules.

 It’s time for real equality in America. And we can start by tilting the equation of power back to the people, and keeping it that way with checks and balances on government power. Demand that your representatives stop this lawlessness in Washington D.C. because if you don’t who will?


Dianna Greenwood
Tea Party Activist blogger