Quote of the Day – Federal Farmer

I must be granted that if men hastily and blindly adopt a system of government, they will as hastily and as blindly be led to alter or abolish it; and changes must ensue, one after another, till the peaceable and better part of the community grow weary with changes, tumults, and disorders, and be disposed to accept any government, however despotic, that shall promise stability and firmness. ” Federal Farmer (Richard Henry Lee) Letter I Oct. 8, 1787

I post this particular quote because I feel it is relevant to the times we live in especially with the feel good notion of an Article V convention.  While I have heard some arguments for and some arguments against an Article V convention, I am not convinced that the direction it would currently take would be effective to bring back constitutional government as envisioned by the Founders.  I believe to be truly effective, an Article V convention must address the repealing of two amendments and two only – the 16th and 17th amendments.  The 16th amendment because history shows us government spending exploded after the passage of this amendment and the 17th amendment because then the balance of federalism in the national government is restored.  The Senators are once again responsible to their states and not lobbyists or special interest groups that would seek to fund their campaigns. Instead they must vote as the state legislatures expect them to vote which is to vote in the interest of their state.  This would go a long way to solving at least 80 percent of the problems we are facing in this country.