Condom Fit – Paid for by the Taxpayer!

Amazing news out out of the National Institute of Health recently. They are paying $224, 863 dollars to TheyFit of Covington, GA to test 95 different custom fit condoms because men complain that condoms don’t fit well and as a result they are less likely to use them.

I am so excited about this I can hardly stop waving at everyone who passes.  I mean life will be so much better for all of us – women included if men had condoms that fit properly.  Those pesky sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies will now go by the wayside because men will have proper fitting condoms. I don’t know why the government didn’t realize this before. Had they been paying attention to the penis fittings that men so crave, the world would be a much better place.  The country would have more money because we have less mouths to feed, healthcare cost would drop exponentially because less sexually transmitted diseases would be passed around and men would be satisfied in numbers that we haven’t seen in a long time.

Yes this is a good thing!  Right?  Well not really because you see this company has had different size condoms for some time now but they were not approved by the FDA for sale in this country even though they are sold in other countries.  So we are giving them nearly $225, 000 dollars to test a product they already know works and is beneficial to the sexual pleasure of a man (and quite possibly a woman!).  Previously  in 2009 the NIH financed a study on condom usage to the tune of $423, 500. 

So we have now spent $648,383 of hard earned tax payers money to research condoms usage and fit.  Does this seem like a wise use of taxpayer dollars?  I think not as this money would have been better spent on items that are constitutionally mandated.  But then again progressives would tell you that sex is a right and the studies are valuable to the general welfare of the people.  Somewhere a Founding father is turning in their grave.

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