Book Review – George Washington’s Secret Six “The Spy Ring that Saved the American Revolution”

This is a decently researched book for the 9th grade reading level that address a little known spy ring utilized during the American Revolution.  While the story is engaging and one can continue to read it to the end, it lacks the depth needed to secure the attention of an average reader with a minimal history background.  It would be better if more of the participants own words had been used and a description of the perilous nature of their travels between their respective residences to deliver the information had been presented.  While it is impossible to recreate conversations between participants from over 200 years ago with any type of real accuracy, the correspondence between General Washington and the members of the Culper Ring or Major Tallmadge could have been used to a greater extent. It does nicely note the betrayal of Benedict Arnold while at the same time noting his great his great achievements for the Revolution before his ego and marriage to a loyalist tarnished his reputation forever.

Overall this is a good read for someone who wants to know the bare minimum about the Culper Spy Ring and understands its significance to the American Cause. While there are some deficiencies, I would recommend this book to be read in classrooms and book clubs.  It is important that we know and understand the perils that many went through to secure our freedoms.

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