Choice and Information in Elections

Below is from an email I receive.  If your in Ashland County OH please take the time to read this letter. 

Dear Fellow Citizens of Ashland County,

It has recently come to my attention that the Republican Central Committee for Ashland County has only one choice when it comes to filling the position of County Prosecutor.  At one point there was two but Mr. Stimpert was offered a position with the City of Ashland and he took that position because it was best at this time for him and his family.  That leaves the Central Committee with one choice, Chris Tunnell.

This limited choice is concerning because Mr. Tunnell seems to lack the character necessary to lead this important office. Mr. Tunnell has boasted of winning cases to the point he has called the defendant names on his personal Facebook page.  In this particular case I believe the name was Crazy Larry. While it is perfectly reasonable to boast of a win, it is wholly unacceptable to call the losing party names. Not only is that unprofessional but it shows a serious lack of ethics. As a citizen of Ashland County, I do not want a county prosecutor to represent my interest in court when they cannot treat the defendants with courtesy.  There are sore losers and poor winners.  Mr. Tunnell appears to be a poor winner.

As a leader of the Ashland County Young Republicans (which ironically had been proposed by others over the last 14 years and was ignored because the person proposing it was not the establishment’s favored person) he seemed to lack the basic administrative skills of making sure an email list was up to date so that people who expressed an interest in participating in the new group were well informed.  As well his conduct before the Central Committee prior to his election to the Board of Elections was deplorable.  His speech was not only unappealing it was downright disrespectful and a revelation of his true character.  That revelation was that he lacks the characteristics necessary to be a leader in this community. Those characteristics include but are not limited to professionalism, compassion and ethical behavior.

In addition to this and his posts on Facebook, there is concern about the pictures that he posts on Facebook as well.  Looking at the pictures in context, they are beautiful representation of 1940’s military plane art but to use that as your personal Facebook picture is beyond tacky when you are running for political office. It also shows a severe lack of maturity to think that your personal Facebook page will not be analyzed as a potential candidate for office. Again the pictures are beautiful and looked at in the context of military art, they are stunning representation of the women back home that the men and boys  who fought in World War II were yearning to return to.  As a candidate’s Facebook page picture it could and will lead to some people questioning his ability to treat both sexes equally.

As a county prosecutor it is essential that people are treated fairly when being prosecuted. If one person questions whether he can be fair and impartial when dealing with the sexes, then others will soon question that as well. Now many of you may think this is a trivial letter and you are well within your right to do so. But as you can see, this letter is not about one issue but a series of issues. That is the key here, a series of issues or incidents that build upon a concern that must be expressed to my fellow citizens.

It appears to several members of the community that Mr. Tunnell is out for Mr. Tunnell only. As such it is time for the other lawyers of this community to step up and offer a choice to the Central Committee who are representing their constituents of Ashland County.  Choice is important in elections because without choice we are often left to the will of a few which leads to the detriment of all.

Civis de Mundo