Press Release – From Budget Raw Deal

Contact: Craig Thompson

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Telephone: 330.999.9890


… to show support for the Senators opposing the proposed budget “deal” (which is actually a RAW deal for the American people)

We are a group of concerned citizens and activists that know why this budget deal is continuing to move America in the wrong direction. We completely support all the Senators (democrat and republican) who have pledged to oppose it and are planning on voting no. If any opportunity exists to stop the bill before it reaches the President’s desk, then we will support them in any legal and peaceful way possible. We are planning on taking people to D.C. to show visible support while there, and start the hashtag trend on twitter of #BudgetRawDeal. We are asking all members of the press to join us and spread the message of fiscal conservatism (for the benefit of the American people), and to stop the governmental increases of debt and deficit spending.

We also know that any movement starts small, and gathers momentum. The spearheads of any movement are decried at first, then are persecuted and vilified. Eventually more and more people start to listen, and then if enough people are defending the right ideas (that are *effective and demonstrable), then that movement wins. We are still on the cusp of regaining a measure of political liberty in this country never seen before – for all people, all races, all religions, and all ethnicities. We haven’t had it for a long time, and with the right leadership (and the Providence of God Almighty), we are able to achieve what none of us can even hardly imagine anymore – the country that our grandparents were raised in: that rewarded hard work, and made idealism a virtue. We’d love to have you join us on the right side of history!


If you’d like more information about this cause, please visit us on our webpage ( ), twitter ( ) trending #BudgetRawDeal, and on facebook (