Another Example of the Progressive Mind

“The FDA tries to justify the rule by claiming that consumers make misinformed decisions at restaurants,” Bakst wrote. As usual, Obamacare assumes that big government knows best. In fact, Bakst says the FDA is using the rule as a power grab to regulate grocery stores, convenience stores, and other businesses that have little to do with restaurants.”

Another example of why the progressive mind is dangerous to the American way of life.  Progressives, like many other governments before and after our own was established, believe that you are not smart enough to make decisions for yourself and you need to have experts tell you how to live.  Is this really the life you want?  Is this really the government you want?  Don’t you have a free mind that can think for itself and choose the life you want to lead.  Well then why do you let the government constantly regulate your life because experts say it is the right thing to do. What makes those experts in certain subjects experts in regulating your life and making decisions for you.  It is un-American! 

While a certain amount of government is needed to keep us safe, doing the things that individuals can do such as build roads, and some regulation within that same government is necessary – like commerce between the states and foreign countries, setting standards and weights along with a cohesive money system there is absolutely no reason for government to be involved in the health decisions or the everyday necessities of individual people. The United States of America is founded on liberty which enables us to be free.  It is time for others in this country to wake up  and in the words of Ronald Reagan realize that “Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.”  I would go one step further and say that government’s first duty is to protect the principles enshrined in the Declaration for that document contains the principles which make us the United States of America.

How Obamacare Will Try to Control What You Eat