I Have Stopped Listening

Hello fellow travelers.

Well, it is time to vent again.  Not to worry, it is not about you non-driving 4 wheelers.  But maybe by venting, I will be able to have an agreeable conversation with my wife again.  By the time I finish, you will either think that I have gone completely off the deep end or that I have taken one step to the right of Jesus Christ himself.   You may even think that I am JUST a stupid truck driver (and you won’t be the first).

Our Congress has been rendered irrelevant.  The Federal Reserve owns the Stock Market (i.e. QE1 and QE2) and is in the process of buying your mortgage at the rate of $83,000,000,000 ($83 Billion) a month.  The Administration is lying to everyone.   Homeland Security is preparing to go to war with the citizens.  The IRS and HHS are taking away your health care.  And the Supreme Court is telling the citizens that it is ALL constitutional.

Well, our benevolent president will be happy to hear that I have sworn off listening to the voices on the right.  I made this decision the day before the elections.  I refused to listen on Election Day, because I already knew who the appointees were going to be.  (Yes!!! I said appointees.)  I will go so far as to say who will be the next appointee to the presidency.  (Even I know that one line of code can make a computer do what you want it to do.)

I refused to listen the day after, because I didn’t want to hear the whining and excuses.  They are prevalent after each and every election, and I, for one, am tired of listening to them.  I am tired of listening to the voices on the right advocate for the slavery of my children and grandchildren.  “Let’s do this through the system”, “It has taken the progressives 100 years to get this far, we can’t change it over night”.  Well, the system has already swallowed the people and is about to spit (Spelled with an h) them out, and would ANY doctor advocate a slow prescription to cure a poison that was ingested over a long period of time?

To Rush Limbaugh:  Thank you for your flippant comment about “If you like your gun, you can keep your gun”.  That got me thinking.  The more I thought, the angrier I got.  The Constitution and the Supreme Court have both said that Congress can tax anything the Congress so desires.  As such; I can keep my gun, If I am willing to pay the $20 tax on the box of ammunition and the $1000 dollar a year tax for ownership. (Collectable by the IRS.)  The same with cars, meat, or anything else the Administration deems socially unacceptable.  You report (?) what the politicians say and make fun of them in the process.  However, you don’t say what they do, or what they omit doing.  (Crimes of omission are often more insidious than crimes of commission.)

To Sean Hannity:  Quit whining!  You call yourself a conservative, then have every moderate come on the program and spout their rhetoric.  How about interviewing real conservative candidates, for the upcoming elections?  (They shouldn’t be too hard to locate, just ask Jenny Beth Martin.  I’m sure that she can find someone who the RNC won’t support.)  Why not call out the conservatives in Congress, who aren’t performing their sworn duties.

To Glenn Beck:  Quit shopping for clothing in the Victoria Secret catalog.  Grow a set and start telling people how bad the situation REALLY is and what needs to be done.  What good is your communications group, when all you advocate is how to be a wimp?  It wasn’t the peaceful demonstrations that won the day in the 1960’s, it was the deal made in the White House.  If you are going to spout history, tell the complete story.  Otherwise, continue with what you are doing.  Take 2 Midol and, don’t call me in the morning.  I still won’t respect you.

To Mark Levin:  Keep teaching the Constitution.  Your amendment idea is good.  However, I don’t think we have that much time.  You might consider teaching what can be done for a quicker resolution.  (Constitutionally speaking!)

To Michael Savage:  You were good at one time, but you folded and quit.  So sit down and shut up!  No one cares about your meatballs, your gastro-intestinal problems, OR your damned dog!

I will consider returning to listenership when I start seeing the Congressional members being arrested for fraud, larceny, grand theft, and treason.  Now, I realize that what is said on the floors of Congress can’t be used against them.  However, what is said in the media or the campaign trail can.  Any form of lying can be construed as fraud and grand theft.  When they do something on the floor that is unconstitutional or illegal, then, try to convince the public that it was the right thing to do.  That is at least larcenous or treasonous.  While in office and they refuse to do the sworn duty of upholding the constitution, is treasonous.

I will consider returning to listenership when I see our Imperial President standing in The Hague, to face criminal charges of illegal gun running to Libya and Syria, resulting in at least four deaths in Benghazi.  Or how about international war crimes against humanity.  All of his current and former Cabinet Members need to be arrested and charged with theft and treason, or under the RICO act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations).  Some should be charged for conspiracy, in The Hague, as well.

All of the a fore-mentioned members of the Federal Government should be arrested, convicted, and have all of their assets seized and used to pay off the national debt.

Maybe I am impatient, maybe I am crazy.  What I know is that we are quickly running out of time.  All 3 Branches of Government have decided that the public cannot be trusted and MUST be controlled.  At what point do you say what they are doing is tyranny?  At what point do you say enough?  At what point do you decide that it is time to fight?  Look into the eyes of your children and grandchildren and ask those questions again!

In 1975, I had a Drill Instructor in the United States Marine Corps tell me: “If anything is worth fighting for, it is worth dying for.  You had better damned well believe your enemy believes that.”  I believe!

D. River

P.S.  To the FBI and DHS: I have said or done nothing in this rant that is either illegal or unconstitutional. I still have freedom of speech (for the moment).  If you decide to come after me, or my family, there are two things you MUST remember. (1) When confronted with an intruder, I have to prove that I fired a warning shot.  Not that you heard it.  (2) When confronted with an armed assailant, no warning shot is required.