Poor Whittle Feelings Hurt – TOO BAD

I have had it with the selective outrage stories lately.  Here in Northeast Ohio the big story is about an Akron School Teacher who posted a statement on Facebook about an incident that occurred outside of his home when a male teen who was out trick or treating and obviously not from the neighborhood decided to unzip his pants pull out his penis and pee on this man’s lawn in front of children who were trick or treating.  Now did the teacher in question use inappropriate language in his post – yes but so what anyone else would have probably used almost as colorful language sans using the N word.  Someone else may have used a cuss word or called them trashed based on where they came from or what color they were.  Does this teacher have a history of being less than patient – well he has 4 incident on his record.  Oh and by the way why did the school district feel the need to release his personnel records  – to cover their ass and nothing more. As well they probably wanted to appease the race baiters who run around trying to ruin anyone who dares say something that the race baiter deems inappropriate.

The second ridiculous outrage story involves Julianne Hough who dared dress up as her favorite character from Orange is the New Black. She went with a group of friends who were dressed up as characters from this show.  Simple as that – it was a Halloween costume honoring her favorite character folks.  It is not racism and it is certainly not blackface.  Blackface is the act of smearing black paint on your face leaving white around your eyes, tip of nose and mouth and doing a caricature of a black person.  This was not blackface no matter what you sensitive little babies want to scream. It is a Halloween costume. Nothing more and nothing less. GET OVER YOURSELVES!

Your poor whittle feelings where hurt – well boo hoo and too bad. There are more important things in this world to worry about than name calling or an incorrect perception of blackface.  Those of you whose feelings are hurt didn’t have too much trouble with 2 black men dressing up and painting their faces to look like white woman in the movie White Chicks. How is that any different?  It isn’t different and it isn’t any less offensive but you didn’t hear white people raising a fuss.  The answer to that is – well our ancestors were slaves.  But your not so quite acting like you are.  I have been called every possible nasty word by ignorant black people that one can think of and not once did I scream racism. I understood even as a teen that people are stupid and ignorant.  In fact at first I didn’t even know what they meant and when I found out the first thought in my head wasn’t racism, it was “Good grief that was stupid” and then I went on my merry way.  I guess I just believe in the old adage of “sticks and stones may break my bones but names are never going to hurt me”

But more than that, this is a trival story being spun bigger than it needs to be by race baiters who want to tear this country apart. Heck, I am surprised the biggest baiter of all, President Barack Obama, hasn’t weighed in a said hey that kid could be my son.  Where Jesse or Al?  I mean this is important right – a white teacher called a black kid WHO URINATED ON THE TEACHER’S LAWN a bad word.  I mean the world is coming to a end.

Enough of this stupidity.  We have more important things to discuss and report on in this country than stupid stories like this.  Things like the implosion of the healthcare system because of Obamacare, the deficit and the debt, out of control entitlement spending, immigration, lack of adequate training and proper supplies for our military, lack of parents teaching their kids respect (which really should be part of the Akron Teacher story), common core which will ruin schools and make a whole generation disadvantaged, high unemployment and low worker participation rates and numerous other things that need to be fixed so this country can prosper and once again be a leader in this world.  But no what is important is a stupid facebook post written in anger over some kid peeing on another persons lawn and a dancer wearing a costume of her favorite character who happens to be black and the dancer happens to be white.

Yea we have priorities straight. (pure sarcasm for those who can’t understand)