Like John Wayne, I too thought I was a liberal for many years because of family and friends who espoused Democrat policies.  My brother was the only one who was a conservative in our family until I got married and had my own family.  It was then I realized that “Liberals” don’t give a hoot about keeping families together; all they care about is handing other people’s money out while keeping a large portion for themselves and changing the American mind from hope and self sufficiency to desperation and dependence on government.

The people of this country whether poor, middle class or rich do not need more charities or government programs what they need is to embrace the Spirit of 1776 in which self sufficiency, determination and true compassion were the virtues of the day.  In those days compassion for those who were in need did not come from the government but from each other and through churches.  While “liberals” or in reality progressives want today is to have compassion come from government which doesn’t teach a man to fish and prosper but teaches them dependency and laziness.  That type of thinking is not compassionate nor is it American instead it is about control and manipulation.  It is time to bring back the Spirit of 1776 before it is too late.