No More Compromising!

Below is from Mansfield Tea Party Patriots.  Italicized comments at the end are my own.

No More Compromising
Time for the Senate to be Part of the Conversation


The ruling elite in Washington, DC, and the media are claiming that we are unwilling to compromise, but the timeline of events proves that this is a lie!
Friday, 9/20/13 – The House of Representatives passed a Continuing Resolution that would fully fund the government (including things that Republicans don’t like) while at the same time defunding Obamacare.

Result: House Republicans compromised on spending that we’d like to see cut in exchange for defunding Obamacare.

Friday, 9/27/13 – The Senate stripped the defunding language out of the House passed Continuing Resolution and sent it back to the House.

Result: Harry Reid and Senate Democrats refused to compromise. 

Saturday, 9/28/13 – The House of Representatives added two amendments to the Senate revised Continuing Resolution to delay Obamacare for one year (far from what we were originally willing to agree to) and repeal the medical device tax. 

Result: House Republicans compromised away from defunding to delaying Obamacare for one year.

Monday, 9/30/13 – The Senate stripped the two amendments from the House passed Continuing Resolution and sent it back to the House.

Result: Harry Reid and Senate Democrats

refuse to compromise one inch on Obamacare.

Monday, 9/30/13 – Just minutes before the midnight deadline President Obama ordered the Federal Government shut down.  Make no mistake this shutdown is the result of tyranny on the part of President Obama and Senator Reid.  When your government leaders refuse to listen to you and in turn make everyone’s life harder that is tyranny.  The American people have spoken time and time again with regards to Obamacare and the President and Senator refuse to listen.  This must stop. What also needs to stop is the House negotiating with itself.  We the people want you to stand firm on the original Continuing Resolution which defunded Obamacare.  The damage that piece of legislation is going to inflict on this country is astronomical.  While most believe this is what liberals want so that a single payer system can be implement – of which I have no doubt – that too will also collapse because Americans do not like to be controlled by their government.  Even those on the dole don’t want to be controlled by their government. Which is ironic because in many ways they are but they don’t even realize that yet.

It is important that we support the House Republicans who have taken a stand as well as Senators like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul among others. We must all call, email or fax Speaker of the House John Boehner and tell him to stand strong on the Continuing Resolution as first presented and then we have to flood the Senator and the White House demanding they pass that budget.  It is the only way to stop tyranny at this time! At election time we can vote those who have ignored us at and then they will realize the might of the American people.