Government Shutdown – Whose Fault Is It?

After reading an article at The Politico, I have come to the conclusion that once again the media thinks Americans are stupid and we are going to fall for their nonsense about who is at fault for a government shutdown.  Well a CNN/OR poll out today says a majority of people would blame the republicans. Let me tell you that was a shocker.  Not really because it is CNN and they are one of the most biased news organizations out there except for maybe NBC so for them to publish a poll that shows 46% of the people out there will blame Republicans is not shocking at all.

The problem with all of this is that Americans do not want Obamacare and the Republicans are finally listening to them and attempting to defund and now delay Obamacare.  It is the Democrats and the President who are not listening to the American people.  So in esssence it is hte fault of hte Democrats and the President who ebleive that they know better than the their constiuents.  I mean how many phone calls does it take to convince you that Obamacare is a bad law and needs to be repealed.  Notice I said repealed not replaced as we need to repeal it and then go over every regulation placed on the healthcare industry to see what is working, what is not and then take care of it accordingly.  Finally where the federal government could step in is telling states that there are 1400+ health insurance companies in this country and all of them need to be able to compete in each state so consumers have a choice which results in lower prices.  Competition not nationalization will bring down healthcare cost as well as getting rid of tiresome and burdensome regulations that take precious resources aware from the medical offices whether doctors or industry.

But ultimately if the government shuts down, then it is entirely the fault of the President and the Democrats who not only refuse to negotiate with the Republicans but blatantly refuse to listen to the American people and instead continue with their superior intellect which in their minds enables them to know what is best for all rather than letting individuals make that choice for themselves.