Restoring the Balance of Power, featuring Mark Levin!


Over the last 100 years too much power has been usurped and centralized in Washington. The march toward tyranny threatens the Balance of Power that has been the hallmark of American society for over two centuries. We must reestablish that balance by restoring authority back into the hands of the people and to the states.

Join Tea Party Patriots in a discussion about Restoring the Balance of Power, featuring a rare public speaking appearance by our special guest, Mark Levin.

What: Restoring the Balance of Power (register with this link)
When: October 12th, from 2:00pm to 4:30pm
Where: Richmond, Virginia
Register Today!

Until this Friday at midnight or until the first 500 tickets are sold there will be an early bird special for discounted tickets. Make sure you get yours before this great deal runs out!

There will be opportunities for you to participate in the discussion during a Q&A session with Mark Levin. Additional liberty minded speakers will be announced soon! Tickets are limited, and as seats are taken the registration fee will rise. Be the first to hear how liberty can go on the offensive by claiming your seat today!

“Let us be inspired by the example of our forefathers and their courage, strength, and wisdom. Let us be inspirited by the genius of the Constitution and its preservation of the individual and the civil society. Let us unleash the American renaissance in which liberty is celebrated and self-government is cherished. Let us, together—we, the people—restore the splendor of the American Republic. Time is of the essence. Let us get started today!” –The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic by Mark Levin

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