Over 14 Hours and Still ‘Cruzing’

Below is a message from Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots.

Dear Patriot,

As you are no doubt aware, today is a historic day in our ongoing fight for liberty.  Senator Ted Cruz, a courageous leader in the Senate, began a speaking on the Senate floor to ensure that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid does not make any changes to the House Continuing Resolution that funds the government while defunding Obamacare.  This House CR is extraordinarily important because it may represent our last chance to stop Obamacare – a train wreck law that is unaffordable, unfair, and completely unworkable.

Thanks to Congressman Louie Gohmert, I was able to visit the Senate Gallery tonight while Senator Cruz spoke.  We are grateful to Senator Cruz for his willingness to fight this terrible law.

It takes a great deal of courage to do what Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are doing. This road has not been easy and they have had to fight strong objections from both sides of the aisle.  It was a couple of minutes before 8:00 pm eastern when we arrived. When we walked into the gallery, we noticed that except for a couple of Pages, the Presiding Senator, Clerks, and stenographers, there was hardly anyone else on the Floor. As Sen. Cruz began reading the Bible and Green Eggs and Ham to his daughters, a few reporters perked up and watched what was happening and a few more Pages walked onto the Floor and listened. The gallery had about 50 people in it the entire time we were there.

It would be so easy for Sen. Cruz to say no one is here and stop the filibuster. Yet he is standing up for us. More importantly, he is standing up for our freedom. He is leaving no stone unturned in this fight defund Obamacare. It takes remarkable fortitude, confidence, and assurance to know you are standing on principles that are worth fighting. The empty gallery is likely a walk in the park next to the criticism and ridicule Sens. Cruz and Lee have faced the last 2 1/2 months. To know that the Senior Senator from your own state is whipping votes against your efforts and to continue to do what you know is right, shows character that we can all admire (Senator John Cornyn was reported to have been whipping votes against Cruz and Lee last night).

Please take the time to thank Senators Cruz and Lee for their determination and their tenacity.  Thank their staff members as well who are supporting them behind the scenes and who are also facing criticism from their fellow colleagues.

Thank the other Senators and Congressmen who have joined this effort.  Senator Mike Lee (UT), Senator Jeff Sessions (AL), Senator David Vitter (LA), Senator Mike Enzi (WY), Senator Jim Inhofe (OK), Senator Rand Paul (KY), and Senator Marco Rubio (FL), and Pat Roberts (KS) have all voiced their support for this effort and have spoken on the Senate Floor today about Obamacare’s many flaws. Congressman Paul Broun (GA), Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX), Congressman Richard Hudson (NC) have all stood in the cloakroom or back of the Senate Gallery supporting Sen. Cruz.

These Senators and Congressmen are standing up to the powerful DC establishment and Ruling Elite, and they are standing up for the American people.

The fight is not over and we need more help!  If your Senators and were not on the Senate Floor today, please call them on Wednesday!  The Capitol Switchboard Operator can be reached at 202.224.3121 and demand that they commit to have a clean vote on the House Continuing Resolution which funds the entire government and does not spend our hard earned tax dollars on Obamacare.

Obamacare was rammed through without any debate in 2010. Despite the fact the majority of Americans voiced serious concerns about the impact of Obamacare, we were ignored. Now in 2013, everything that we predicted – higher premiums, loss of coverage, a stagnant economy, loss of doctors – is coming true. It’s time to have the debate in Congress that we were denied in 2009 and 2010!

To top that off, in the country where all men are created equal, the Senators, Congressmen, and their staff want to force us to pay for and live under this law yet they have exempted themselves from Obamacare. This is un-American.  No man is above the law in America. America was founded precisely because our founders did not want to live under kings and tyrannical rule and now we have a Ruling Class in DC forcing us to live under laws they do do not want to abide by.  (BTW, the staffers on the floor of the Senate Chamber who are watching the filibuster really, really do not like having that pointed out to them. As we were watching the debate in the Senate you could see body language change in the Senate Chamber as soon as the exemptions and the Ruling Class is mentioned.)

You may be wondering, “How can I help?  How can I get involved in this historic moment to stop Obamacare from becoming the entrenched law of the land?”  Here is what is needed next:

1. Join the fight on Twitter TONIGHT and throughout the week.
Please use your Twitter account to weigh in on this debate.  The Senate offices are paying attention to Twitter and the hashtag #MakeDCListen is trending #1 on Twitter tonight.  We are making a difference on social media and on Capitol Hill! A list of the Senators twitter ids is below. Contact both Republican and Democrat Senators. While tweeting, ask your senators the list of questions below, give them a map of the Capitol in case they have forgotten how to get to the Senate floor, and let them know you are watching. Be sure to tell the Senators you do not want a vote for cloture to close the debate (which is likely to happen on Friday or Saturday) until there is a guarantee of a clean vote for the House CR. That is our next milestone in defunding Obamcare.

2. Call your Senators’ offices on Wednesday.
Please do not forget to call both of your U.S. Senators and your Congressman.  The message is simple: If you are not standing with Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, you are standing with Harry Reid and propping up Obamacare.   When calling, ask your senators the list of questions below.  Let them know you are watching to see if they are listening to you or not. Be sure to tell the Senators you do not want a vote for cloture to close the debate (which is likely to happen on Friday or Saturday) until there is a guarantee of a clean vote for the House CR.

3. Talk to others about Obamacare and the filibuster.
Use our talking points to ask your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers about if they want to pay for a law that Congress and their staff is exempt from. Ask them if their health insurance is changing. Ask if they have had notices from their doctors about the upcoming changes in their health practices. If they are as concerned as you are about Obamacare, forward this email to your family, friends, co-workers, email lists.

4. Send your Obamacare stories to us.
Please use this link to share your Obamacare stories with us.  The Senators need real-life examples of how Obamacare is destroying our jobs and our health care system.  If you have not already done so, please tell us about how Obamacare is negatively impacting you.

5. Stay Tuned.
Watch for more email updates from us. Follow Tea Party Patriots on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the latest details as we learn them.

In liberty,
Jenny Beth Martin
Co-Founder and National Coordinator
Tea Party Patriots

Questions to ask:
  • Do you want to vote to fund a law that an ABC News/Washington Post poll shows 9 out of 10 Americans believe is not ready to implement?
  • Do you want to vote to fund a law that most Americans do not want?
  • Do you want to vote to fund a law that exempts Big Business?
  • Do you want to vote to fund a law that Big Labor says will shatter its members’ health care and the 40-hour workweek?
  • Do you want to vote to fund a law that exempts you and your staff?
  • Do you want to vote to fund a law that gives government control over one-sixth of the economy?
  • Do you want to vote to fund a law that is killing jobs in your state?
  • Do you want to vote to fund a law that is forcing employees in your state to work fewer hours?
  • Do you want to vote to fund a law that is forcing employers in your state to reduce or eliminate health care coverage for your constituents?
    See more at: http://www.teapartypatriots.org/2013/09/defund-obamacare-talking-points/#sthash.pYByYqcX.dpuf
Here is a list of all Senators and their Twitter Handles.
The ones with #ThankYou spoke on the Senate floor today in support of Cruz and Lee. The ones with #MakeDCListen have not shown their support on the Senate floor.
State Name Twitter Handle Party Tweet
AK Lisa Murkowski @lisamurkowski Republican #MakeDCListen
AK Mark Begich @SenatorBegich Democrat #MakeDCListen
AL Jeff Sessions @SenatorSessions Republican #ThankYou
AL Richard Shelby @SenShelbyPress Republican #MakeDCListen
AR John Boozman @JohnBoozman Republican #MakeDCListen
AR Mark Pryor @SenMarkPryor Democrat #MakeDCListen
AZ John McCain @SenJohnMcCain Republican #MakeDCListen
AZ Jeff Flake @JeffFlake Republican #MakeDCListen
CA Dianne Feinstein @SenFeinstein Democrat #MakeDCListen
CA Barbara Boxer @SenatorBoxer Democrat #MakeDCListen
CO Mark Udall @MarkUdall Democrat #MakeDCListen
CO Michael Bennet @SenBennetCO Democrat #MakeDCListen
CT Richard Blumenthal @SenBlumenthal Democrat #MakeDCListen
CT Chris Murphy @ChrisMurphyCT Democrat #MakeDCListen
DE Tom Carper @SenatorCarper Democrat #MakeDCListen
DE Chris Coons @ChrisCoons Democrat #MakeDCListen
FL Marco Rubio @marcorubio Republican #ThankYou
FL Bill Nelson @SenBillNelson Democrat #MakeDCListen
GA Saxby Chambliss @SaxbyChambliss Republican #MakeDCListen
GA Johnny Isakson @SenatorIsakson Republican #MakeDCListen
HA Brian Schatz @brianschatz Democrat #MakeDCListen
HA Mazie Hirono @maziehirono Democrat #MakeDCListen
IA Chuck Grassley @ChuckGrassley Republican #MakeDCListen
IA Tom Harkin @SenatorHarkin Democrat #MakeDCListen
ID Mike Crapo @MikeCrapo Republican #MakeDCListen
ID Jim Risch @SenatorRisch Republican #MakeDCListen
IL Mark Kirk @SenatorKirk Republican #MakeDCListen
IL Dick Durbin @SenatorDurbin Democrat #MakeDCListen
IN Dan Coats @SenDanCoats Republican #MakeDCListen
IN Joe Donnelly @SenDonnelly Democrat #MakeDCListen
KS Pat Roberts @SenPatRoberts Republican #MakeDCListen
KS Jerry Moran @JerryMoran Republican #MakeDCListen
KY Rand Paul @SenRandPaul Republican #ThankYou
KY Mitch McConnell @McConnellPress Republican #MakeDCListen
LA David Vitter @DavidVitter Republican #ThankYou
LA Mary Landrieu @SenLandrieu Democrat #MakeDCListen
MA William (Mo) Cowan @SenMoCowen Democrat #MakeDCListen
MA Elizabeth Warren @elizabethforma Democrat #MakeDCListen
MD Barbara Mikulski @SenatorBarb Democrat #MakeDCListen
MD Ben Cardin @SenatorCardin Democrat #MakeDCListen
ME Susan Collins @SenatorCollins Republican #MakeDCListen
ME Angus King @SenAngusKing Independent #MakeDCListen
MI Carl Levin @SenCarlLevin Democrat #MakeDCListen
MI Debbie Stabenow @StabenowPress Democrat #MakeDCListen
MN Amy Klobuchar @amyklobuchar Democrat #MakeDCListen
MN Al Franken @alfranken Democrat #MakeDCListen
MO Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt Republican #MakeDCListen
MO Claire McCaskill @clairecmc Democrat #MakeDCListen
MS Roger Wicker @SenatorWicker Republican #MakeDCListen
MS Thad Cochran @SenThadCochran Republican #MakeDCListen
MT Max Baucus @MaxBaucus Democrat #MakeDCListen
MT Jon Tester @jontester Democrat #MakeDCListen
NC Richard Burr @SenatorBurr Republican #MakeDCListen
NC Kay Hagan @SenatorHagan Democrat #MakeDCListen
ND John Hoeven @SenJohnHoeven Republican #MakeDCListen
ND Heidi Heitkamp @SenatorHeitkamp Democrat #MakeDCListen
NE Deb Fischer @SenatorFischer Republican #MakeDCListen
NE Mike Johanns @Mike_Johanns Republican #MakeDCListen
NH Kelly Ayotte @KellyAyotte Republican #MakeDCListen
NH Jeanne Shaheen @SenatorShaheen Democrat #MakeDCListen
NJ Jeffrey S. Chiesa @ChiseaNews Republican #MakeDCListen
NJ Bob Menendez @Menendez4NJ Democrat #MakeDCListen
NM Tom Udall @SenatorTomUdall Democrat #MakeDCListen
NM Martin Heinrich @MartinHeinrich Democrat #MakeDCListen
NV Dean Heller @SenDeanHeller Republican #MakeDCListen
NV Harry Reid @SenatorReid Democrat #MakeDCListen
NY Chuck Schumer @ChuckSchumer Democrat #MakeDCListen
NY Kirsten Gillibrand @SenGillibrand Democrat #MakeDCListen
OH Rob Portman @robportman Republican #MakeDCListen
OH Sherrod Brown @SenSherrodBrown Democrat #MakeDCListen
OK Jim Inhofe @jiminhofe Republican #ThankYou
OK Tom Coburn @TomCoburn Republican #MakeDCListen
OR Ron Wyden @RonWyden Democrat #MakeDCListen
OR Jeff Merkley @SenJeffMerkley Democrat #MakeDCListen
PA Pat Toomey @SenToomey Republican #MakeDCListen
PA Bob Casey, Jr. @Bob_Casey Democrat #MakeDCListen
RI Jack Reed @SenJackReed Democrat #MakeDCListen
RI Sheldon Whitehouse @SenWhitehouse Democrat #MakeDCListen
SC Lindsey Graham @LindseyGrahamSC Republican #MakeDCListen
SC Tim Scott @SenatorTimScott Republican #MakeDCListen
SD John Thune @SenJohnThune Republican #MakeDCListen
SD Tim Johnson @SenJohnsonSD Republican #MakeDCListen
TN Lamar Alexander @SenAlexander Republican #MakeDCListen
TN Bob Corker @SenBobCorker Republican #MakeDCListen
TX Ted Cruz @tedcruz Republican #ThankYou
TX John Cornyn @JohnCornyn Republican #MakeDCListen
UT Mike Lee @SenMikeLee Republican #ThankYou
UT Orrin Hatch @OrrinHatch Republican #MakeDCListen
VA Mark Warner @MarkWarner Democrat #MakeDCListen
VA Tim Kaine @timkaine Democrat #MakeDCListen
VT Bernie Sanders @SenSanders Independent #MakeDCListen
VT Patrick Leahy @SenatorLeahy Democrat #MakeDCListen
WA Patty Murray @PattyMurray Democrat #MakeDCListen
WA Maria Cantwell @CantwellPress Democrat #MakeDCListen
WI Ron Johnson @SenRonJohnson Republican #MakeDCListen
WI Tammy Baldwin @tammybaldwin Democrat #MakeDCListen
WV Jay Rockefeller @SenRockefeller Democrat #MakeDCListen
WV Joe Manchin @Sen_JoeManchin Democrat #MakeDCListen
WY Mike Enzi @SenatorEnzi Republican #ThankYou
WY John Barrasso @SenJohnBarrasso Republican #MakeDCListen


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