Action Alert from TPP

I received this email today and it has some encouraging news but it will require all of us to either call or email our representatives to get them to support this new piece of legislation.  Please take a little time our of your day to do so – Thanks!

Dear Patriot:

Thanks to each of you who signed our petition to stop the games in Washington and to defund Obamacare. Thanks also to everyone who made calls to your own Congressman, telling them “no more games.” Your simple acts of signing the petition and making calls is already making a big difference! We were able to successfully delay the vote on the Continuing Resolution by one week.

There is more work to be done again today. Our elected officials need to hear directly from us. We are going to hold them accountable on Obamacare. Yesterday Rep. Tom Graves and 42 other House Members introduced a resolution called the Security, Stability, and Fairness Resolution, which calls for keeping the government open but stopping Obamacare. We need to call every House office and ask each representative to cosponsor this important resolution!

Senator Mike Lee agrees with us that this bill is extremely important and needs the support of everyone who cares about stopping Obamacare. Today Sen. Lee said: “Congressman Tom Graves has introduced a bill today that would continue to fund all the functions of government and protect the American people from ObamaCare for at least one year. The House should pass this legislation immediately and send it to the Senate. The president has delayed the implementation of ObamaCare for big business, unions, and his special interest supporters. Congress should act to delay it for the rest of the country, as well.”

Please call today! Look your Congressman’s number up in the House Directory, or the Capitol Switchboard Operator can direct your call to your Congressman’s office. The number for the Operator is 202.224.3121

Call NOW to tell your representative in Washington to cosponsor Congressman Graves’ resolution today!

In liberty,

Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

P.S. Be aware things are changing rapidly on Capitol Hill. You stopped a proposed rule this week and now we have this bill to consider. We do not know what will come next week. So, please keep an eye on email and/or phone messages from us and from your local groups to make sure we keep the pressure on Congress over the next couple of weeks. We may use email, Facebook updates, and robocall messages a bit more frequently than normal to keep you up to date. As soon as this crunch is over we will revert to our regular frequency.