Perfect Example of Republican Implosion

Gov. Kasich is yet another example of the implosion of the Republican Party in OH along with current OH GOP CHairman Matt Borges.  Neither of them feel the need to listen to their constituents.   Gov. Kasich is well aware that in 2010, the same year he was elected, the people of Ohio passed the Healthcare Freedom Amendment that was to prevent any implementation of Obamacare like programs by the state.  I think that should be a loud enough message for him that the people of Ohio do not want and expansion of government healthcare no matter if it comes from the state or the Federal government.

In addition, Gov. Kasich is foolish to accept this offer of three years of federally funded Medicaid even if it is “our money” because in three years instead of getting 100% of “our money” back to fund Medicaid it would drop to 90% and the state which has worked its way out of a hole created by Governor Strickland, would have to either borrow money or raise taxes to cover the 10% that the Federal government will no longer fund.  How is this economically wise for the state of Ohio?  It is not.  Governor Kasich for some unknown reason is willing to throw nearly four years of hard work getting companies to come back to Ohio away for a few pieces of silver.  Shame on him.

Instead of leading the charge to expand Medicaid, Governor Kasich should be part of the charge currently lead by Gov. Perry to insist on Obamacare being repealed or defunded because it will lead to an economic backlash the likes of which this country has never seen.  We are just begining to see the bad effects of Obamacare with people being pushed from full time to part time and retirees losing their healthcare coverage that they worked years for because companies cannot afford the cost increases.  It will only get worse rather than get better and Gov. Kasich is aiding and abetting this horrendous piece of legislation by trying to push through a Medicaid expansion that is not even supported by 50% of the people in this state and one could lay odds that those who do support it do not understand that some federal dollars will disappear from this program in 3 years resulting in either cuts to other programs or increased taxes for everyone.

Call Gov. Kasich and tell him you are against Medicaid Expansion because it will harm the state more than help it.

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