Murder in Tennessee

I have long been familiar with this story as I remember a small blurb on Drudge or some other news organizations website several years ago.  I was horrified then and am still horrified at this story because this unlike the Trayvon Martin shooting was clearly race based. I am so happy for the families of Chris and Channon that some justice has been dealt but horrified that all the perpetrators are not on death row.  This horrific crime is a direct result of evil.  An evil that is slowly being perpetuated by all of us when we don’t hold our children accountable for their actions, when we buy violent video games or do not engage in a moral way of life among a multitude of other things.

While all of us stray from our path once in a while through the natural mistakes we make as human, we don’t stray so far as to not see our actions as affecting others or ourselves either in a negative or positive way.  But today in society we no longer seem to care what effect our actions will have on others – if it feels good we do it.  But beyond that, the breakdown of the family unit especially within the black community is creating a generation of morally deficient people who instead of having good familial role models are instead babysat by TV, video games or outside caretakers who are doing it for a buck.  How is that efficient parenting?  How does that enable a child to develop into a moral person?  While there is a need for outside caretakers as many parents do work, what are you as a parent doing to be involved in your child’s life? What kind of control or rules do you have.  You cannot be their friend because being a kids friend doesn’t work; it only makes an irresponsible child become an irresponsible adult.

Wake up America!  Political change comes in slow increments but reversing the downward trend of irresponsibility and violence that is happening in today’s culture can be changed quickly.  All it takes is parents saying NO!  Yes you are going to be told your a bad parent, your too controlling, etc. etc.  To bad should be your answer and right after that the next statement should be – I am raising a productive and energetic individual who needs to live life and understand the responsibilities that come with it.  I am not their friend, I am their parents.  They can make friends in school!  It will be rough but in the end, the child will thank you for it!  Do this and stories like the one in Tennessee will become more of an oddity than the norm.


Glenn Speaks with the Parents