Efforts to defund Obamacare gain steam in the House

From Medina Tea Party Patriots –

The GOP establishment was quick to dismiss the efforts of Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio as they pushed for a Continuing Resolution that fully funded every aspect of the government except for the funding to implement Obamacare.

The GOP leadership pointed to the fact that only a few Senators were backing the plan. However, last Wednesday eighty Republican congressmen sent a letter to Speaker John Boehner urging House leadership to defund the implementation and enforcement of Obamacare. (Read the letter here.) While the letter is not as strongly worded as many Conservatives would like, it does show that the numbers appear to be growing in Congress for those supporting a CR that defunds President Obama’s disastrous legislation.

The question now becomes whether our representatives will continue to point to their past, hollow votes to defund Obamacare (when they knew that it would go nowhere in the Senate), or stand up with political courage and use the leverage that they have to get something meaningful done. Their choice is clear – worry about saving their jobs or show that they meant what they said when they told us that they will do everything in their power to kill Obamacare before it destroys our healthcare system.

Ironically, they seem to think that standing on principles will make them unelectable. In fact, losing their conservative base is what will allow the Democrats to gain ground in the House. While some GOP seats are safe for the time being, Conservatives will remember who stands and fights for them and who needs to be challenged in a primary – if not in 2014, then certainly in 2016.

Contact Congressman Renacci today and let him know that he needs to stand up to House leadership. He has voiced strong opposition to Obamacare and now he needs to let his actions back his words.

 Congressman Jim Renacci

Local Office Phone: (330) 334-0040 (Wadsworth)

E-mail web form: https://renacciforms.house.gov/contact-form

Location: 1 Park Center Drive, Suite 302, Wadsworth, OH 44281

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/repjimrenacci

Twitter: https://twitter.com/repjimrenacci

Congressman Bob Gibs

Local Office Phone:  419-207-0650 (Ashland)

E-mail web form: https://gibbs.house.gov/contact-me/email-me

Location: 100 Cottage St. Ashland, OH 44805

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RepBobGibbs

Twiiter:  https://twitter.com/repbobgibbs

All other Representatives can be found at House.gov


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