Common Core – Simple But Powerful explination

David Barton of Wallbuilders has done an excellent presentation for The Blaze on what common core is about and how it is harmful to our children.  From getting rid of cursive writing to using trees and latices to do simple math problems, Common Core Standards are a destructive force being pushed by the progressives to wipe out the “Spirit of 76” once and for all.  Take a look at this presentation and then speak out at local school board meetings and demand that Common Core be removed from the classroom.  Many teachers do not like this program and are experiencing the drawbacks associated with them especially High School teachers are now experiencing the drawbacks of this ineffective math concept and it is sad because those students who have been taught Everyday Math are just that much further behind when they get to college. The Everyday Math concept that was introduced about 6 years ago in an effort to help poor inner city school children who don’t get help at home.  Once again the good intentions of the Progressives are having devastating consequences on education as a whole.