“No Softball Questions”

“No softball questions” that is the mantra of the Tea Party!  We cannot continue to throw softball questions at our politicians as it doesn’t matter what party they are affiliated with they are accountable to the people who elect them. Sadly we see “someone” continuing to be a shill for the GOP in an email sent out to some Liberty/Tea Party groups in Ohio.  This is not an unusual occurrence by those who want to take advantage of people for their own personal gain. Below is part of the email….

What does need to be attended to right away, and we hope that many of you are able to take the time to do so, is to meet with our front line troops from the US House of Representatives who will be home on “August break”.  We need to strengthen our rapport with them so that we work together as a cohesive team in September when they are back “inside the beltway”, surrounded by the Obama administration and isolated from the real world by the mainstream media. 
We are seeing indications that the “progressives” are trying to organizing “spoilers” to inhibit the freedom of speech at these meetings; we encourage our people to show up if they can to ensure that we have the majority, to sit up front so that the media shows a friendly audience, and to sit right in front of the media so that the media hears a friendly audience.  Gibbs and Renacci need to know that we have their backs. 
 Strengthen our rapport so we can work as a cohesive team?!?!?  Really?
Gibbs & Renacci have been failures as Congressmen since they were elected.  Groups in OH have made our positions on the NSA, debt ceiling, continuing resolutions, food stamps in the farm bill, etc…. very clear.  Gibbs & Renacci voted opposite of our stated positions.  Some “team mates” huh?
Renacci and Gibbs have voted in support of every debt ceiling increase, in support of the NSA spying on us, in support of increasing food stamps and in support of EVERY Continuing Resolution.  Their support of the Continuing Resolutions should have most people livid.
While Gibbs, Renacci and the rest of the GOP were out there crying that Reid and the Democrat Senate did not pass a budget in over 3 years, Gibbs  and Renacci voted in support of the Continuing Resolutions – that were only needed because the Senate did not pass a budget.  In my book, this makes them hypocrites as if they were truly “upset” the Democrat led Senate did not pass a budget, they would voted against the Continuing Resolutions that were needed because a budget was not passed.
So some are being told Gibb’s & Renacci need to know we “have their backs” when Gibb’s and Renacci have done nothing but continuously stab the Liberty & Tea Party groups that got them elected in the back.
 It is party hack thinking like this, and the politically naive “we need a seat at the table” thinking, that allows the elected officials to do as they please as it send the message we will support them and “have your back,” regardless of how you vote!   These guys abandoned the Liberty/Tea Party groups that helped get them elected, why should we now come to their rescue?  They need us more than we need them!
We have some very important votes coming up in Congress — debt ceiling, continuing resolutions, immigration, and defunding Obamacare being the main ones.  These Town Halls can be played to our advantage and be used to influence some of the Congressmen –  but not in the above suggested way of going in the tank and blindly “having their backs.” No, this needs to be done by keeping the integrity of the movement and standing by what we believe.
In my opinion, we should allow these guys to be fed to the wolves in these up coming town halls.  Let them get a taste of what it will be like to have the liberals go after them without the support of the Tea Party — as their votes show they clearly have not earned or are deserving of our support.  
While they are being beat up by the liberals, we need to be in there also challenging them on voting against the way we asked them too (no softballs).  
Our best chance of influencing their votes on the up coming issues, is too not go in their and blindly support them, but to go in and take it too them on their failures.  This combined with the liberals beating them up at the Town Halls, forces them to see they are alone.  They know the liberals will not support them, but they “think” the Liberty/Tea Party groups will support them.
By planting the seed of doubt, we show we are upset and they may not have our support – it may just force them to think twice about voting against how we ask them in the upcoming debt ceiling, Continuing Resolution and immigration bill fights that we know are quickly approaching.
In short — fear of the unknown – is the worst type of fear.  Self preservation is a powerful human trait.  So by creating the fear of the unknown (do I have Tea Party support?) and playing on their self-preservation (re-election) we can use these Town Halls to our advantage.  Politicians are good at one thing – staying in power.  We need to make them question their ability to stay in power without our support.
As a suggestion for questions at the Town Halls….. I have found that in questioning a person, sometimes it is not content of the question that is asked, but how the question is posed and allows you to use your question as a statement too…..
Congressman Renacci/Gibbs, against the wishes of the people that elected you to office, you voted in support of every debt ceiling increase.  How is this consistent with your campaign promises to cut spending?
Congressman Renacci/Gibbs, we thank you for speaking out against the Democrat led Senate not passing a budget in over 3 years!  But why did you vote in support of all the Continuing Resolutions that were needed because the Democrat led Senate did not pass a budget?  How is that consistent with your position of speaking out against the Democrat led Senate not passing a budget?
Congressman Renacci/Gibbs, knowing food stamp use is at an all time high in our country and that you were elected to decrease entitlements, you voted in support of increasing food stamps and entitlements in the initial Farm Bill vote.  How is this consistent with your campaign promises and the people that helped you get elected to office.?
Congressman Renacci/Gibbs numerous times you have stated your opposition to Obamacare and the funding of Obamacare.  To date, you have NOT signed on to the letter urging Speaker Boehner to defund Obamacare in any Continuing Resolution talks.  If you are committed to defunding Obamacare like you claim you are, will you join Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio and sign this letter urging Speaker Boehner to defund Obamacare?  (http://www.politico.com/story/2013/07/obamacare-funding-spending-bills-94757.html)
Congressman Renacci/Gibbs, again, as you claim to be against Obamacare, its funding and implementation, why then to date have you been silent on Governor Kasich trying to expand Medicaid in Ohio under Obamacare?  While you may claim this State expansion is a State issue, the funding will be coming from the federal government.
When will you be sending a letter to Governor Kasich urging him NOT to expand Medicaid under Obamacare at the state level as you are working to defund this program at the federal level?
In closing, I agree we should not allow the left to hijack these Town Halls as it is important that our side is allowed to ask questions challenging Gibbs, Renacci and any GOP Congressmen holding Town Halls on their poor voting record, but sitting back and allowing some disruption from the left may actually strengthen our hand in influencing these guys our way on the upcoming fights we will be facing.
This is just my three cents, and I would love to hear everyone’s comments, opinions, dissent/support and feedback.
Ralph King
Cleveland Tea Party Patriots – Co-coordinator
State of Ohio – Co-coordinator
National Leadership Council Member – Tea Party Patriots