A Primary Season

D. River is back with a story for our readers.  Hope that you enjoy and if you do he will have more episodes in the future.

April 2014:

“Sky Harbor, this is Southwest flight two-­three-six requesting landing instructions,” crackles the pilot’s voice on the radio.

  “Southwest two-three-six, turn left at the marker heading two-seven-zero, runway 25.  Altimeter two-niner-niner-seven, winds west south west at 7.  You are number three.  Caution turnout 3 – emergency equipment,” replies Mark.

  “Roger, Sky Harbor.  Runway two five, altimeter two-niner-niner-seven, number three,” repeats the pilot.

  Five minutes later, a frantic pilot calls on the radio, “May Day, May Day, Flight two-three-six, May…”

  “John,” calls Mark, “Southwest two-three-six just disappeared from radar!”

“Give me the glasses.  What heading?” asks John.

“Niner-zero, two miles,” replies Mark.

  In the distance, John sees a large plume of smoke and flames.

  The radio crackles; “Two-three-six down two miles short of runway two-five.  No visible survivors.”

  “Damn!” says John.  “Call the Sheriff, the Indian Nation, and the NTSB. “How many?”

  Two hundred thirteen souls on board,” says Mark.

May 2014; In the Oval Office:

  The door to the main hallway opens, and a close advisor rushes in saying, “Mr. President!   You have got to see this!”  Opening a panel to a large screen TV, he clicks the “ON” button of the remote.  On the screen, is a young Latina, standing in front of Sky Harbor Airport.

  “To recap,” she says, “Southwest Flight 236 was shot down last month by a Stinger missile, which had been sent to Libya, and then smuggled back into the US through my native country, Mexico.  This reporter has learned this from sources, both in the Libyan government and the US government.  This is Maria Vega, ABC News outside of Sky Harbor Airport.”

  The President reaches over to the intercom, presses a button and says, “Get Homeland Security on the secure line.”

  “Yes sir!” is the reply from the intercom.

  A few seconds later, the phone rings.

  “Madam Secretary,” says the President, “Have you seen the ABC News?”

  “Yes, Mr. President, I have,” responds the Secretary.

  “Why wasn’t I informed of this?” asks the President.

  “I don’t know, Mr. President,” says the Secretary, “But I will ensure that you get the information as soon as we get it.”

  “Before this game gets out of hand, I want a home run.  Do you understand?  How long will it take?” asks the President.

  “Depending on what kind of pitches the Nationals get, it will take about a week.” replies the Secretary.

  “A week.  That’s a long time for the situation,” says the President.  “So be it.  But make it happen!”

2 hours later:

  After being briefed on the mission, including addresses, phone numbers and pictures.  Teams of 4 Homeland Security Police are busy donning their gear and loading hollow point ammunition into their 30 round magazines.  Each team then climbs into their armored personnel carrier.

1 hour later:

  All across the nation, 2700 teams of Homeland Security Police raid the homes of TEA Party leaders.  Although not typical, one goes as follows:

  The armored vehicle pulls into the front yard, just feet from the front door. As 3 of the team members’ rush out the back of the vehicle, the driver rams the vehicle through the front door.  The other members rush in behind it.  After a few seconds, the word “GUN” is heard, followed by the sound of automatic weapons.  More automatics weapons could be heard a few seconds later.  In all, over 300 rounds are fired in about 90 seconds.

  Final result: 5 dead, none wounded.  (1 adult male, 1 adult female, 1 teenage female, 1 preteen male, and 1 toddler male.)

At the same time, in a suburb of Phoenix:

  “Are we at the right location?” asks the leader.

  “Her cell phone shows her to be here,” says the tech.

  “Is this confirmed?” asks the leader.

  “Our drone followed her to this address,” responds the tech.  “Wait.  I see her coming out.”

  “When the picture shows that she is in the parking lot, let me know,” says the leader.

  “Roger.  She has her daughter with her,” says the tech.  “She’s in the parking lot.”

  “Move!” shouts the leader.

  Three black SUV’s race into the parking lot.  As the screech to a halt, 6 men jump out with weapons pointing at her and her child.

  “Ms. Vega… Ms. Vega?” asks the leader.

  “Yes?” she responds quizzically.

  “You are under arrest.  You will come with us,” demands the leader.

  “What about my daughter?” she asks.

  “She is coming with us,” he demands.

The next day:

  “In the news tonight…  The nation’s largest drug bust occurred yesterday.  In all 50 states, DEA agents, FBI agents, state and local law enforcement agencies raided 2700 locations.  In all, over 10,000 people were arrested on various drug related charges.  There were 76 fatalities during the arrests.  In other news, our own reporter, Maria Vega, was killed in a fiery car accident off of Carefree Highway.  It is said that alcohol was involved,” says the anchor.

 For those of you who find the above story to be a wet dream come true.  Consider this:  If this can occur to a group of individuals, it can just as easily happen to you.  To any government strong enough to do this, you are but cannon fodder. The TEA Party may not agree with what you are saying, but they are trying to defend your right to say it.

 This story is fictional.  Will it happen?  I don’t know.  Unfortunately, the Homeland Security Police, the armored vehicles, the automatic weapons, the hollow point rounds, and the hatred for the TEA Party are not fictional, and are easily researched.

 This story can be stopped.  But it will take an actual act of Congress.  Everyone should contact their representatives to have Homeland Security closed.  If they won’t talk to you, send them history books with the USSR, World War I and II, and Pohl Pot highlighted.  Maybe then, they will start to get the hint.

D. River