Boehner’s DC intervention

As the clock struck noon, several Tea Party supporters from the Greater Cincinnati area gathered at John Boehner’s West Chester office to voice their concerns. In their red, white and blue attire, some holding American flags, letters were passed from the hands of those demanding a Constitutional process to Sharon Hughes, a staff member in Boehner’s office. As one constituent read her letter out loud, Hughes was caught smirking in the background after she rudely said not to tape her(which we weren’t).
As another constituent went on to ask about SISPA, Hughes had no recollection of the bill but assured us that Speaker Boehner has a “Three day rule.” He will not pass or deny a bill until three days after it has been presented. After we continued to voice our concerns regarding Boehner’s remarks of not needing a GOP majority, Hughes insisted that Speaker Boehner always defends the Constitution. Her snarky attitude continued on as we represented ourselves in a very respectable manner.
Speaker Boehner’s DC Intervention took place in two steps. Step two, later that evening, was a rally outside of Boehner’s office where supporters were encouraged to dote flags and signs related to Constitutional process. Through a storm filled with thunder, lightning and rain, 20 proud Tea Party members stood roadside holding American, Ohio and Gadsden flags. Others held true to their “We want to read the Bill,” “Liberty vs. Tyranny” and “You disappoint Lady Liberty” signs. Many others waited in their vehicles in hopes of the storm’s passing.
Through the wind and the rain that never let up, these Tea Party foot soldiers received much praise from passer-bys. The evening was filled with honks and waves as Southern Ohio Constitution supporters led by example in hopes of a fiscally responsible, free market, limited government.



Rebecca Herzog
“Don’t retreat- Reload!”
Tea Party Patriots SW Ohio Regional Coordinator

Lady Liberty Tea Part