Obama Fails At Job Again

By now, now one should be surprised that President Obama is more concerned with being the idea of Kingship than actually doing the daily work of the Presidency so when I saw this story, I knew it was just business as usual for our glorified man child President.

Obama’s Budget Abdication Breaks 92 Year Tradition 

Funny thing though is that there will be many people who are surprised by this lack of work ethic.  Those people are the ones who re-elected him to the office of the Presidency and are now just beginning to realize that they made  a bad choice. They are also the same people who made fun of Governor Romney and called the Tea Party right wing extremist and then realized we were right about everything.  What started them on this path to realization, well that would be the 2% tax increase that everyone felt, even those making 250,000 or less, when the Social Security tax was raised, then it was Obama’s State of the Union Speech which was nothing short of an unprovoked attack fast and finally some of the low information voter began to realize they made a ,mistake when President Obama over-hyped the sequester.  The sequester I believe is one of the last nails in the coffin for this president, notice I didn’t say last nail but one of the last because folks began to realize that the government did not shut down, and the world did not end because increases in spending were going to be 2% less than the anticipated 8-10% increase that was originally planed.

Oh and lets not forget the White House Tours are being shut down because of the sequester but we have $250 million dollars to give to a country that hates us.

No, no one should be surprised at this latest embarrassment because it is one of a long string of embarrassments.  To bad the low information voter couldn’t realize this before the election but at least they are realizing it now.  I just hope it is not too late.