We Need More Representatives Like Mr. Hunt

I just read the following article, By All Means, Leave’: The Amazingly Blunt Response One State Rep. Gave a Citizen Who Wrote Him Opposing Concealed Carry in Schools, on the Blaze and commend this Representative for standing up for the traditions and values of Wyoming.

This lady while she does have a right to her opinion, does not have the right to change the government or traditions of the State of Wyoming to suit her own liberal agenda and then make comments like “we are seriously reconsidering our decision.”  You moved to a Western State and didn’t know that there was a gun culture there?  Come on, she is very typical of the liberal who moves from a liberal state to a conservative state for economic purposes and then wants to promptly work to change the political structure of the state she moved to to meet her liberal agenda even though she is fleeing the very liberal/progressive agenda that is harming her economically.

She can be insulted all she wants by the Representatives response but I say Bravo, it is time to stop with the political correctness and call a spade a spade which is exactly what Representative Hunt did.  I only wish that more representatives at all levels of government would speak in such a blunt but polite way to these do gooders that are in reality harming the very places that they are escaping to seeking economic prosperity.