Ohio Kids to Ticket Parents

Ohio kids asked to ticket their parents for “unsafe” driving behavior

This program is ridiculous and needs to be stopped immediately.  Kids have no business ticketing parents on legal or illegal behaviors especially children who cannot legally drive.  How do they know something is illegal?  The answer is they don’t always know that.  This is so reminiscent of the NAZI era it is not funny and should not be tolerated in the state of Ohio or anywhere else in this great country.

If you live in Ohio here is the contact information to voice your opposition:

OH SADD: Ricky Birt:  937-308-5646

Ohio State Highway Patrol Public Affairs: 614-752-2792; email

To find your State School Board Representative and tell them you don’t want this program in your school go to: http://education.ohio.gov/GD/Templates/Pages/ODE/ODEDetail.aspx?page=3&TopicRelationID=575&ContentID=58806&Content=139505

The three schools that participated:

  • Teays Valley East Middle School – Ashville, OH
  • Northwestern Middle School – Springfield, OH
  • Buchtel Middle School – Akron, OH