Today’s Daily Bashing of Right Wingers

After shopping with my daughter today, I decided we need to stop and get a bite to eat so we headed over to Panera Bread for a cookie and some coffee.  Little did I know that I would be sitting  next to two aging liberals who were complaining about the right wing extremist of the Republican Party and how it was ruining the party.   They talked about the people who had shown up at Senator McCain’s town hall and were vocal in their opposition to the amnesty bill that the Gang of Eight had put out as well as the Senator from Texas Ted Cruz and how he should not have questioned former Senator Chuck Hagel in the manner that he did and that Senator McCain was right in calling him out for his behavior.  As I sat there I and listen, I couldn’t help but smile and thankfully I had my little one there so I am sure those men just thought I was smiling at her. But I wasn’t smiling at her (though she brings me much joy and makes me smile on a daily basis) instead I was smiling at how ignorant these aging liberals were.  Especially when they mentioned that the Republican Party just doesn’t understand how the demographics had changed and they better be careful because they(Republican Party) would lose everything in the next election.

While I didn’t say anything because I did not want to cause a scene in front of my daughter, here is what I would have said to them if I had the opportunity:

Gentlemen,   The Republican Party is imploding because the RINO’s and elite Republicans who think they know everything and refuse to change are holding back those who could articulate conservatism in an effective way that would bring black, Hispanic, Asian and whites over to the conservative side who currently are on the Democrat side for purely social reasons.  Senator Cruz had every right to question former Senator Hagel in the manner he did because the man is being tapped to run the Department of Defense and we want individuals in positions of power who believe in the Constitution and the American Way of doing things.  We need our Senators and Representatives to stand up against a corrupt Administration that demonizes the American way of life while at the same time helping out extremist in the Middle East.  We need those people who you call right wing extremisst to stand up and speak out against amnesty because  we are  doing a disservice to illegal aliens and legal immigrants when we reward lawbreakers and let them cut in line. We also need them to stand up and speak out against the out of control spending that is occurring under this President as well as the demonizing that he is doing.  We need those right wing extremists to point out to minorities that none of the President’s policies have helped them in any way shape or form.  And finally we need those right wing extremist that you speak of with so much disdain because they are part of the political landscape and these differing opinions are what makes America great.  And finally, I wanted to say to them that they have been sitting next to a right wing extremist who clings to her guns and religion and nothing bad happened to them because of it.

But like I said, I did not want to make a scene in front of my daughter and they were just two aging liberals who wouldn’t have listened anyway…..