Gun Control is Not the Answer

I have to agree that prolonged exposure to violence can desensitize a person and when it comes to children this is dangerous as they will grow up to be adults who are unsympathetic to the human condition.  Does this  mean all kids will end up this way – no.  But why would we want to expose our children to this type of savagery and possibly create inhuman human beings.  Is it really necessary for your kid to have that violent video game.

But the problem is bigger than just violence in the media, we need to drastically reform mental health laws to protect the population from crazed people.  Making it easier to commit people would have gone a long way to saving those children’s lives in CT.  As we have now learned the killers mother was trying to have him committed and it was near impossible in the state of CT because of their laws. Mentally deranged people or those who have had a sudden onset of mental instability need to be committed until they are better not left on the streets to endanger others – that is the general welfare not actually giving out freebies to help people who don’t want to help themselves.

Killology’ vs. violence