President Obama & the Democrats’ “War on Children”

Reprinted with permission from Cleveland Tea Party Patriots blog.

President Obama and the Democrats are doing their best to manipulate their attack on our religious freedoms and have it redefined as a conservative “War on Women”.

While President Obama and the left will ask you to suspend all reality to believe their predetermined pagan prose, we want to share some facts as to “who” is really conducting a so-called war and point out “who” the victims are and the atrocities to be faced by future generations.

So if conservatives are conducting a “War on Women” then it is clear and indisputable that President Obama and his fellow Democrats on the left are conducting a “War on Children”.

As you can see, without using Obama math (48 States + 2 States = 57 States), our nation’s debt exceeds the debt of the entire Euro Zone and the U.K. combined…

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