Controversial Picture…. Really?

Apparently the below picture is now so controversial that it warrants a full blown article on CBS news.

There is nothing controversial about a picture that tells the truth. From the day President Obama was inaugurated, he and his cronies have subverted the Constitution left and right. From claiming that healthcare could be regulated under the commerce clause, to the Race to the Top Initiative to his most recent unconstitutional actions of making alleged recess appointments when the Senate was not in recess. I might add that pro forma sessions were okay when he was a junior Senator from Illinois but apparently as President he disapproves of them.

In my humble opinion this painting is emblematic of the progressive movement and it’s destruction of the basic principles that our Founders laid out nearly 236 years ago beginning with the Declaration of Independence. There is nothing controversial about the truth. The only controversy is on the left who would rather dictate your life to you and take your money rather than let you live your own life and prosper on your own talents and hard work. Which is why they hate our Founders and the Constitution.