It’s A Spending Problem Not A Revenue Problem

From AP:

Figures on government spending and debt

WASHINGTON (AP) — Figures on government spending and debt (last six digits are eliminated). The government’s fiscal year runs Oct. 1 through Sept. 30.

Total public debt subject to limit Jan. 30 15,313,699
Statutory debt limit 16,394,000
Total public debt outstanding Jan. 30 15,356,140
Operating balance Jan. 30 158,596
Interest fiscal year 2012 through December 62,662
Interest same period 2011 56,780
Deficit fiscal year 2012 through December 321,735
Deficit same period 2011 368,960
Receipts fiscal year 2012 through December 555,437
Receipts same period 2011 531,797
Outlays fiscal year 2012 through December 877,173
Outlays same period 2011 900,757
Gold assets in January 11,041

Notice those items I have highlighted. Receipts are the monies brought into the government and outlays is the spending which the government has done. The problem is not that we are taxed to much (in my opinion we are as it has been proven numerous times the less taxes you have the more revenue that is brought it) but that our elected representatives spend to much money on frivolous items. Those items include cowboy museums, research on Chinese prostitutes and welfare to just name a few. Welfare which includes food stamps amounts to $489 billion dollars for fiscal year 2011 which is equal to 54% of the Defense Budget which is constitutionally mandated. There are many more examples but the most important message we need to get across this election year is that it is a SPENDING PROBLEM NOT A REVENUE PROBLEM!