Let Them Wear Good Will

Whatever the First Lady wants to spend on her wardrobe is her business whether it’s Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Nancy Reagan, etc. However, if the First Lady constantly tries to identify herself with the “common folk” and tries to tell them how to live their lives, doesn’t it seem rather hypocritical to show up to ordinary photo ops (as opposed to fancy, official state affairs) in pricey clothes? Maybe our First Lady could take a shopping lesson in frugality from the royal, Kate Middleton, or we’re sure any out-of-work family would be glad to help her browse Good Will for bargains.

Michelle Obama’s lavish Hawaii wardrobe revealed


One thought on “Let Them Wear Good Will

  1. I agree wholeheartedly that Michelle Obama needs to take a lesson in frugality from Duchess Catherine. While the Duchess also wears some expensive clothes, she has no problem appearing twice in an outfit and has no problem doing her own shopping under real circumstances unlike Michelle who does it for photo ops only. As well the Duchess isn’t telling us what to eat or wear either.

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