John Stossel Tells How Business Isn’t Going To Take It Anymore

The government is going to jump-start the economy and create jobs. How many times have we heard this from Washington bureaucrats? They fail to mention that the government produces no product, unless you want to call red tape and grief a product; the government has no money to spend except the money it takes from OUR pockets; and the government adds nothing to the economy except what it does with OUR money recycled through the bureaucracy.

Thank heavens a group of real businesspeople is finally striking back at this ridiculous premise. This article by John Stossel spells out how business is starting to fight back by pointing out that government is strangling real marketplace, profit-making businesses. Please be sure to read to the end to find out what a former Senator-turned-entrepreneur said when he left his Washington ivory tower and actually moved into the business world. It’s worth the read!

Job Creators Fighting Back

Submitted by a member of NAP