September 11th Message

Ten years ago an injustice was done to us. One that took nearly 3,000 lives and embroiled us in two wars that continues today. I think of that day so long ago when the skies were a clear bright blue not only over New York City but also Northeast Ohio. I remember when I first heard a plane had hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center and wondered how that happened. Did the plane have a malfunction or did the pilot have a medical scare? But I soon learned that neither assumption was right.

And my first thoughts were not about who did this but was my family in New England okay and where in the world was my husband. I had no idea whether he was in New York or Washington DC because that morning he had been in Philadelphia and by the time the attack was occurring could easily have been in either city. I would not hear from him until after 3pm that afternoon and it was then I learned that he had not been sent to either city but was on his way back west to Ohio. How soon he would get there, he was not sure as the roads between New York and Washington DC were either closed or clogged with traffic. It was only then could I breathe a little sigh of relief and take the time to ask “Why?” and “Who would do such a monstrous act?”

We soon learned that radical Islamic Terrorists were the perpetrators of the attack. Their sole purpose was to bring the United States to its knees because in their eyes we are an evil nation devoid of moral integrity. We are the cause of all that is wrong with this world and as such we need to be eliminated. How wrong they were then and now…

In the years since September 11th, our country has liberated more than 25 million people in Iraq and Afghanistan; we have built roads, schools, trained militaries and police forces in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as bring hope to those who previously had lived with oppression. This past year alone we have made significant progress in imposing justice against those who attacked us; Osama bin Laden is dead.

However, our work is not done overseas nor here at home. Freedom is not free and we are always one step away from losing it all because of complacency. We must continue to fight terrorism here and abroad, making sure our civilian leaders listen to our military leaders to ensure success and do not tie their hands in the theater of war. War is not pretty and it is not politically correct and while we mourn any and all innocent civilians killed, we must also understand that war is a brutal business that must be undertaken from time to time to ensure liberty and freedom for all. We don’t ask for war but America will always head the call to protect liberty and freedom anywhere in the world and will do so without building an empire like so many countries before us.

Here in this country we must continue to teach the values and principles that our Founding Fathers held dear. We must insist that our own government follow the Constitution and all its amendments for the betterment of man and not to create a government dependent society which benefits no one in the end. Furthermore we would do a great injustice to those who died not only on September 11th but in all conflicts before and since if we just sat back and did nothing to promote life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with the same vigor as our Founding Fathers did.

May God continue to bless the United States of America.


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  1. Ohio Leaders and Activists Endorse Ron Paul for President

    Columbus, OH, September 13, 2011. Grass roots leaders from across Ohio wish to make a very clear statement about the Presidential race – we endorse Dr. Ron Paul. A list of those leaders is at the bottom of this letter.

    This statement is not an organizational endorsement, but instead a group of individual leaders who are tired of typical Republican establishment candidates whose rhetoric does not match their record. In this field, Dr. Paul is the singular defender of liberty, and has led the fight against big government in Washington for over 40 years. Rather than talk, he leads with his actions.

    Ron Paul’s record of fiscal discipline is unmatched. In 12 congressional terms he has never voted for a tax increase. He has never voted for an unbalanced budget. He has never voted for a bailout. He has never voted for raising the debt ceiling.

    Video on his consistency and adherence to principles:

    Ron Paul has proven that he has the strength and integrity to resist special interests and remain firm in his fight for individual liberty and free markets. As a man of genuine integrity, he has been married to his wife for over 50 years. As a doctor he has delivered thousands of babies, and translating his personal integrity to professional integrity, he has never taken a government paid junket and returns a portion of his congressional budget every year.

    Ron Paul’s knowledge of economics is unmatched among the other candidates. He has predicted that federal reserve policies would debase our currency and cause a decline in our standard of living. He predicted that a housing bubble would result from a policy of excessively low interest rates, and that would lead to an economic crash. The only candidate who can solve our economic problems is the only one who predicted them.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate that calls for a constitutional foreign policy that does not weaken us economically and militarily. He will work for to bring home the troops and end national building. He will stop the trend of overextending our military and turning it into a global police force.

    He enjoys the most support among the military as shown by campaign donations. He attracts voters from both political parties and especially pulls support from disillusioned Obama voters. His donations come from individuals rather than large corporations and special interests buying influence in government.

    Ron Paul stands alone among the presidential candidates in fighting against government intrusions on our privacy and civil liberties. He stood up against the unconstitutional patriot act and is the only candidate we can trust to continue to defend individual liberty and the bill of rights in all cases.

    It can be said no more simply than this – Dr. Ron Paul is the only candidate who will move our Republic in the right direction, a direction committed to more freedom, prosperity, and peace, and that is our best hope for the future.

    More info at Facebook: or Twitter: @ohio4ronpaul

    Personal, Not Organizational, Endorsements for Dr. Ron Paul for President
    -Joe Bozzi, Co-Founder, Ohio Freedom Alliance and Ohio Liberty Council
    -Maurice Thompson, Executive Director – 1851 Center for Constitutional Law
    -Chris Littleton, Co-Founder – Ohio Liberty Council, Board of Directors – Cincinnati Tea Party
    -Dave Grabaskas and Clayton Stamper, Former Presidents, Young Americans for Liberty – Ohio State University
    -Chris Morbitzer, Founder- Young Americans for Liberty, University of Cincinnati
    -Jason Mihalick, Ohio activist leader for multiple organizations
    -Jim Green, Co-Founder – North Central Conservatives, Board of Directors – Ohio Liberty Council
    -Dan Lillback, Board of Directors – Cincinnati Tea Party
    -Bill Williams, Founder – Central Ohio 9/12 Project
    -Rob Bulas, Coordinator – Campaign for Liberty
    -Julio Airaldi, National Coordinator – Sons of Liberty Riders
    -Andy Myers, Organizer – Veterans For Ron Paul
    -Cher Neufer, President – Ohio NORML
    -Stephanie Kremer and Tiffany Hoelscher, Co-Founders – Mercer County Liberty Group
    -Jack Sabo, Co-Founder – OH/PA 9-12 Project
    -Denise Robertson, Co-Founder – Preble County Liberty Group
    -George Moorman, Chairman – Vandalia Liberty Group
    -Grant McCallum, Chairman – Cuyahoga County for Liberty
    -Ken MacPherson, Founder – Trumbull County Liberty Group
    -Daryl Klein, President – Brown County Tea Party
    -Jim Lutz, Stark County Tea Party
    -Jim Rovenski, Grandview Area Republican Club
    -Laura Rosenberger, Coordinator- Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment
    -Greg Larotonda, Coordinator – Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment
    -Al Hyslip, Coordinator – Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment
    -Peter Newstrom, Organizer – Lake County Liberty Group
    -John Mitchel, Beavercreek Liberty Group
    -Richard Trask, NE Ohio Tea Party
    -Steve Berecek, Organizer – Columbiana, Mahoning, Jefferson County Liberty Groups

  2. Just watched the Tea Party Express debate and was very saddened to hear the boos when Dr. Paul’s article on the concept of blowback and how our foreign policies contribute to anti-American sentiment overseas.

    Imagine how outraged Americans would be if a foreign country removed our democratically elected president and installed a brutal dictator who murdered and tortured thousands of us. Would we take it laying down, or would we fight back in any and every way we could?

    Apparently, a lot of Americans are unable to imagine that when the tables are reversed and we are the foreign country doing that to another nation (as we have), based on the booing that followed mention of Dr. Paul’s article on the subject.

    Let us not allow Truth stand in the way of our Patriotism.

  3. At one time I too had many of the same sentiments as the author, but I have since concluded that many, myself included, have simply been wrong. All these overseas entanglements do not actually serve to improve the safety of our country. Quite the contrary, it is our overseas meddling that is the very reason for many of the problems we are now facing. How many democratically elected heads of state have we deposed or helped depose? Ron Paul pointed out during a debate how in 1953 we deposed the democratically elected leader of Iran [1], Mohammad Mosaddegh, and replaced him with the Shah. Why did we do that? Answer: because Mosaddegh had nationalized his own country’s oil reserves, stopping the rape of his country’s natural resources by foreign interests. The Shah, on the other hand, was willing to play our corporatism game and so we installed this ruthless, brutal dictator who murdered so many Iranians. In 1979, after decades of this oppressive regime, the people had enough and a group of students captured the American Embassy, holding Americans hostage. This hostage-taking stemmed directly from our meddling in the affairs of a foreign country, an effect termed “blowback” by our own CIA. 9/11 stemmed not only from radical Islamic views of the general morality of our nation but also because of our immoral meddling in Middle East affairs for so many years.

    Have you ever asked yourself why we did not attack Saudi Arabia after 9/11? After all, 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi Arabian [2]. Answer: because Saudi Arabia is willing to play our corporatism game, so we overlooked their ties to 9/11.

    Instead, we turned our attention to Afghanistan, and that was fine since they hosted the terrorists.

    The fact of the matter is that we cannot afford to be the policemen of the world. When another nation is involved in attacking us, our government does have an obligation to wage a defensive war, but otherwise, we need to mind our own business. The BEST way for us to spread freedom around the world is by being a shining example, not by meddling in the affairs of others. We cannot be a shining example by joining organizations like the U.N. and the W.T.O. because they invariably seek to reduce our own liberty and sovereignty.

    Don’t get me wrong: what the 9/11 terrorists did was completely wrong, but it is readily apparent that our own foreign policy has greatly contributed to anti American sentiment on many fronts. To deny that is to deny the truth. Sometimes it is easier to wrap ourselves in our American flags and protest our innocence and proclaim our inherent greatness. “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.” ~ Thomas Jefferson [3]

    As I’ve read more on this topic and the Federal Reserve System, and other issues, the more apparent it has become that it has made little difference whether a Democrat or a Republican has been elected: nearly all of them are merely two sides of the same corporatism game: they are implicitly working with large corporations with the aim of enriching and empowering both the federal government and large corporations at the expense of the ordinary American. The one presidential candidate who has consistently refused to play the game is Dr. Ron Paul and that is why he is blatantly either ignored or ridiculed by the mainstream media[4] and right wing talk show hosts such as Mark Levin & Rush Limbaugh. Many of the former are playing the Democrat side of the coin while Levin, Limbaugh and their ilk are playing the Republican side of the coin. Dr. Paul is a threat to the establishment because he has proven that he won’t play the game.

    History has proven Dr. Paul to be right so many times it is uncanny. He has predicted correctly the following:

    the fall of the Soviet Union
    the Collapse of the Housing Bubble six years before it happened and explained why it would happen
    Predicted in 2002 the current rapid expansion of the size and scope of the Federal Government
    Predicted the 2008 Financial Crisis
    Predicted where Osama Bin Laden would be found four years before he was finally found


    Was correct about the lack of necessity for the Iraq War

    Denounces the devaluing of the dollar through the policies of the Federal Reserve System (legalized counterfeiting. homework assignment: read “Creature from Jekyll Island” or watch this series of videos by the author of the book: part 1/12)

    NEVER voted to raise taxes
    NEVER voted for an unbalanced budget
    NEVER voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership
    NEVER voted to raise congressional pay
    NEVER taken a government-paid junket
    NEVER voted to increase the power of the executive branch

    He voted against the Patriot Act
    He voted against regulating the Internet
    He voted against the Iraq war

    He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program
    He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year

    Recommended watching:

    [4] as an example, see this and read the comments:

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