Winners of the 1st Annual NAP Essay Contest

Below are the winning essays written by three 8th grade students in Ashland county. They each received a prize and read their essays at our 3rd annual tea party event. We hope to make this an annual tradition. Please take the time to read each essay. Each essay is transcribed from their original papers. Our topic was – Describe how and why the Separation of Powers, as described in the United States Constitution,is so important and makes us so unique.

First Place – Mark Ziebro

Americans have always been cautious of authority. Americans battled the tyrannical oppression of King George III for their freedom. The Founding Fathers of our Constitution also realized the chaotic nature of “mob rule.” The Constitution was ratified, including three distinct branches of power: a legislative, executive, and judicial; each almost equal to each other in political authority. This Separation of Powers, explain in the Constitution, makes American both important and unique because it combines the interest of the people with the interest of the ruling class.

This Separation of Branches of government ensures that no one power rules over another. The legislative Branch, responsible for producing laws at the Congressional level, has the power to regulate the Executive Branch (i.e. the President or another federal officer) by impeachment, and overriding vetoes. This authority also includes the Judicial Branch; federal, judges can also be impeached. It is important to notes, that even Congress is spit into a House and Senate, the House being comprised of a proportional number of representatives to the population, and the Senate being comprised of two Senators from each states. The Executive Branch, responsible for enforcing the law, involves the President at the federal level. The President can veto legislation passed by Congress, and can appoint Supreme Court Judges with approval of Congress. Finally, the Judicial Branch (the Supreme Court) determines the constitutionality of the other branches using a Judicial Review process.

The United States Government is important because, as the primary superpower in the world, the United States could easily deteriorate into chaos. The Eastern and Western Roman Empires were overtake by foreign nations because they were a nation divided, split into two different factions, with a weak central government. The United States Government unifies American, because it involves everyone. I firmly believe that this is why America is a great nation today. We are blessed with a nation established by the people, for the people, and of the people; and recognized throughout the world. The United States of America is a stable, prosperous nation, one which is unified and will never collapse

Second Place – Caroline Kennedy

We as citizens of the United States are blessed more than we know. We take so many things for granted, and lime the old saying goes “You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone.” It is then when we realize how important and unique that thing really is. That idea applies to everything, remote controls to televisions, cell phones, wedding rings, napkins, and also something called the Separation of Powers. The Separation of Powers is over looked a lot. Many people don’t even know what it is, or what impact it has on their lives. For it is very important and the makes the United States very unique.

Let us think about what would happen if we didn’t have the Separation of Powers. Some things that would happen are our rights and freedoms would be either repealed or limited, such as the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion (Those are both with the first amendment.) No one likes it when freedoms and rights are taken away. That is why we should think about what is important to us and defend it.

The Separation of Powers is that very thing that defends our rights and freedoms. It defends them literally, separating our government’s powers into three sections. They are the Legislative branch, the Executive branch, and the Judicial branch. It is separated in order to keep balance of power. This also keeps peace and prosperity within the country.

The Separation of Powers make us unique because there is no other system that works more sufficiently, fairly, and properly than our system. No other country has anything similar to our government and lastly the people of the United States actually like the Separation of Powers because, it protects their individual freedoms and rights. A lot of people of other nations dislike the way their own government is run, due to the lack of freedoms they have. Plainly there is no other system in the worlds like ours.

The Separation of Powers was made by people who knew what it was like to live under an oppressive government. They wan ted their new nation to be governed differently. They wanted to give the people freedoms that they themselves did not have back in their home countries. In order to do that, they could not let the government become to powerful. That is how they came to be so unique.

The people of the United States enjoy freedoms that are different from any where else. The United States is different from any where else because of the Separation of Powers. From the beginning the system, despite wars and poverty, has worked and still keeps our nation in order today. It is truly important and makes us, the United States of America the best country in the world.

Third Place – Megan Poynter

The United States is not the first republic, but it has lasted longer than any other! But what is it about us that makes us so grand? Could it be our promise to govern ourselves, through only the consent of the governed? This quality definitely makes us unique, or perhaps it is our idea of Separation of Powers? This feature in the government is definitely special, no other country has developed this idea quite like we have.

But how can we be sure this separation of power remains? How do we know that all the branches will remain balanced? What should we do if one branch gains more power than the other two remaining? The last question was rhetorical, because you could think of a million and one answers to the problem, but this problem will never arise. To answer the remaining questions only two words are used; our Constitution? You see in our Constitution, it speaks of a system of checks and balances. The framers of the original constitution knew this idea must be written in stone so it does not become corrupted. The section of the Constitution states that between the Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches not one may become more powerful than the other two. To ensure this, the framers of the original constitution but in a system of Checks and Balances. The legislative branch makes certain that the executive and judicial branches do not commit acts deemed as abusing their power and the same for the remaining two.

The clever design ensures equality and balances, placing the different powers in separate branches is another way the government has run so smoothly for all these years. Putting the chief Executive in his or her’s own branch of power, placing the court system in another, also the legislature in their own branch. This division keeps the three far enough apart to where they do not cause each other trouble. But the divine goal to form a more perfect union or republic is what unifies the three.

In conclusion to this thesis, all facts stated are the truth and the American way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is through these modifications we can ensure that this republic will endure for many more lifetimes.