Is American Beautiful without Medicare?

This has to be one of the foulest videos I have ever seen.  Let me just say this, if you have a better plan than the Ryan or RSC busget plans that reigns in cost and reforms the system then present it.  Quit with these pathetic attempts to discount reforming entitlement programs.

Dick Armey said something this morning on Foxnews that caught my attention.  He stated why not make Medicare voluntary for those who have the means to pay for health insurance.  That would take pressure off the system and if there comes a time that they need to be on Medicare, then they can utilize it.  As it stands now, Federal law prohibits you from keeping your current insurance as your primary insurance once you reach Medicare eligible age.  That type of reform would go a long way. Would you still have to pay into the Medicare system, yes because you might need it due to a change in financial status.  But if your a millionaire or a military retiree, why would you want to change your health care plan to one that is substandard.  It makes no sense at all.

So as I said earlier, if you want to join the discussion and offer an alternative plan then do so but quit with the pathetic attempts to sway people through emotion.  Granny is going to die with reforms nor is she going to have to eat dog food if Social Security is reformed.