Birth Certificate Issue now Resolved

Today, Barack Obama released his long form birth certificate. Finally this long ridiculous nightmare can end. However, it never had to go on this long and only did as a result of Barack Obama’s actions. At any time over the last two plus years, President Obama could have put this to rest. Yet it took Donald Trump pressing the issue for this to become reality.

No matter how much the media and so called conservatives ridicule Donald Trump; he is the one who finally pushed the President to release the long form of his birth certificate. No matter what anyone thinks of Donald Trump, he has been effective and he is the winner in this situation. I believe this issue is now in the trash heap of history.

One of the hardest aspects of this issue, especially for someone who was never a birther, was fielding questions regarding what would happen if he really was born outside of the country. The initial answer is nothing as long as his mother was a natural citizen and had not given up her citizenship. However, if she had given up her citizenship and that of her child then I couldn’t answer that and neither could some of the best experts of the Constitution in this country. One thing we all could agree on was it would be new territory; a constitutional crisis and most likely the Presidency would revert back to George W. Bush because he had been the last legally elected President. I say legally because if President Obama had not been a natural born citizen of this country, he would have not been a legal candidate.

Thankfully, we do not have to deal with that issue. Now let’s move on to more important issues like the budget, Environmental regulation that are at of control, sky rocketing gas and food prices along with an assortment of other issues.